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Nohomers48 Feb 11 2015, 10:05pm says:

Having looked at the file, these were the changes I found going through them briefly: many unit descriptions were modified, the damage was upped on the Sneak Attack when it is deployed, the Technical gun rate of fire increased, some weapon damage bonuses on the Overlord were removed, build time for the GLA worker increased, decreased most other GLA build times, made the Palace stronger, GLA vehicles faster, increased build time of the Chinese Bunker, increased the speed of all the missiles, plus a ton of vehicles armour and health buffs and nerfs all over the board.

+16 votes   download: Zunzero's rules(optional obsolete)
Nohomers48 Feb 2 2015, 11:33pm replied:

I do not envy the guy who has to paint that on in the shipyard.

+2 votes   media: Infinity Size
Nohomers48 Jan 9 2015, 3:59pm says:

This looks exactly like a Halo game. Loving it.

+3 votes   media: Some Shots of the New UI
Nohomers48 Dec 2 2014, 5:18pm says:

Gentlemen, it’s now quite apparent that the GLA are not only fighting this war on the cheap, but they’re also not taking it seriously.

+19 votes   media: Scorpion with Hover Drive
Nohomers48 Nov 8 2014, 5:40am says:

Liking the new skybox and building textures.

+5 votes   media: Midway
Nohomers48 Aug 29 2014, 5:57pm says:

The only issue I have though is that it's mentioned that Zhukov was a Brigadier General at the time Suvorov came to power, but Russia doesn't have a Brigadier General rank, they skip straight from Colonel to Major General.

Apart from that, another excellent piece of back story.

+12 votes   news: Rise of the Reds Update: Memories
Nohomers48 Jul 16 2014, 8:32pm replied:

The US Armed Forces' M88s are expected to be around for another 20 years, so it would be the most likely choice for the recovery vehicle.

As for the MRAP Recovery Vehicle, at most it would be able to recover a Stryker APC, but it doesn't have the lift capabilities for an M2 Bradley IFV, let alone an M1 Abrams MBT.

+1 vote   media: PLA Type 90-II
Nohomers48 Nov 8 2013, 8:36am replied:

Mainly individual conflicts in the Middle East and South America (at this stage).

+2 votes   mod: DC Global Front
Nohomers48 Oct 1 2013, 9:55pm replied:

If you're really interested in a Halo C&C3 mod, there already is one, it's called Elysian Fields.

+3 votes   media: Incoming!
Nohomers48 Nov 13 2012, 7:58pm says:

Definitely the one on the right.

+6 votes   media: Orion-Cruiser Viewer's Choice Contest
Nohomers48 Sep 25 2012, 6:56am replied:

The bots will work on any map. I've tested it on most of the maps that didn't have (MW Mod) after them as well as some some custom maps I have, and they all worked perfectly with the MW mod content.

+3 votes   mod: WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4
Nohomers48 Jul 30 2012, 1:20am says:

A toast to another decade and million members! Keep up the awesome work guys.

+3 votes   news: A 10 year history of ModDB
Nohomers48 Jun 22 2012, 2:28am replied:

Yes, they didn't give them 120mm cannons until the M1A1 went into production in 1985, this would've been one of the test models from 1978/9.

+1 vote   media: Chrysler XM1 prototype.
Nohomers48 Jun 22 2012, 2:17am replied:

Apparently, they're mercenaries

+1 vote   media: Act Of War
Nohomers48 Apr 19 2012, 8:25pm replied:

Co-op. Punkbuster can't be disabled as far as I know, and it is impossible to freeze the ticket count, though one can have a server set with up to 10,000 tickets, which will give you a game that'll last for an afternoon or morning.

+1 vote   mod: HomeFront
Nohomers48 Mar 3 2012, 4:20pm replied:

No, it is the German-made Roland, read the description.

+2 votes   media: Anti-Air Missile System Roland
Nohomers48 Mar 3 2012, 4:09pm says:

That is a K1 tank, not a K2.

+1 vote   media: South Korean K-2 Black Panther
Nohomers48 Jan 1 2012, 4:33am replied:

The music is "Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)" by the band Shinedown.

+1 vote   mod: WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4
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