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Relentless 1st person instead of 3rd

We first showed a little of Relentless at A MAZE 2013. Relentless is out spiritual successor to The Tainted. Ultimately there is a lot of similar back story and we expect the same multiplayer and AI experience. But this is in no way the same game. A completely new RPG engine has been built as well as revamping the gun and combat systems.

Since A MAZE we have been working primarily on the camera and character control. The intention was to achieve a close up action feel with a 3rd person camera. But after about 2 weeks of reviewing various options we have conceded that 3rd person just does not bring the action to life as well as 1st can (well in our hands anyway). Additionally the lighting and atmospheric effects are just stunning in first person.

Seen below are screen shots from the 3rd and 1st person versions.

3rd Person

1st Person

Relentless is at its heart an action game then a RPG. As you can see from the above images the 1st person really brings the action in. As well as allowing for closer interaction with the games environment. Its great to see the gun forced back into the characters arms as you fire. We are not doing the typical invisible player type of 1st person. The camera is attached to the head and the head looks around with the mouse. So legs body arms and feet are just part of the game. This has introduced a few additional challenges, but we seriously don't like the whole invisible person thing (unless you invoke stealth shielding of course).

We not suggesting 3rd person can never do well for high actions games. In fact many of our favorite games are exactly that. Gears of War and Warhammer 40K : Space marine to name two examples.

Our next step it to re-imagine all the user interface in 1st person as a iris HUD built into the soldiers brain/eyeball.

P.S. for those of you seeing these for the first time, this is all prototyping so a lot of what you see is purchased assets not our own yet.

You can watch a short video we made here: Youtube.com

This was also blogged here:

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