Hello my name is nick i love getting mods i dont really go onto desura that much though i am on steam though add me on steam my userbame is ╬╗GordonFreeman╬╗ i have alot of games an mods :D.

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Mod Review on Sep 15th, 2012

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Tomb of Amun-Ra
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Mod Review on Sep 10th, 2012

Cool :D

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Mod Review on Aug 14th, 2012

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Mod Review on Aug 14th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

I am very disapointed that the creator has stolen so much from Nightmare house 2 it would be much bettert if he used his own ideas instead D:<

Nightmare House 2
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Mod Review on Aug 9th, 2012
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This game is unbelievably amazing im not even sure this is a mod.It's almost like it was created by valve i think that this is worthy enough (unlike most mods) to be sold on steam i love it this is my second favriote game now (half-life 2 is my fav) thankyou for reading this and i hope you give this game a try. I loved the part with the mannequins it was amazing.

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