Hello Folks :) My name is Nick Chalvatzakis. I'm specializing on programming, already know C/C++, C# and Java. I'm more fluent to C++ ,C# and Java since i work with Unity3D as my game engine. Currently working on two game titles, Six-Eight-Two with Divinity Studios Ltd. and The Midnight Game, by a small team i formed, Unicorn Studios. If you would like me to help you with anything feel free to e-mail me.

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0 comments by NickCh on Jul 25th, 2012

Uploaded with ImageShack.usBeing close to finish my simple AI for The Midnight Game :)

I saw on the internet that it's going to be a movie too :O
I hope people won't say im just following the trend :/
I also made my First Person arms today :3 Look!
k that's actually kinda old , i have also textured it and rigged it better too :3

Report abuse Amnesia. My First Horror Game Experience.

0 comments by NickCh on Aug 10th, 2011

Today i finished Amnesia for the first time.I must say that even after an hour passed, that i beat the game, I was still watching right and left to see if any monster will come ( LOL ). In start, about me at least, the game wasn't very scary, that was till i gone to Choir - Entrance room! Damn so scary there!
The only thing that dissapointed was the last level were we face Alexander...but a friend told me that there are 3 different endings in this game! So now that i completed the first one, i'll soon go and complete the second method :) . I have also downloaded Amnesia : Justine DLC . Oh My God! 100% scarier than Amnesia : The Dark Decent.I reached till the 3rd water room.. then the monster killed me. Till now.. i didn't dare to lauch the game again! I'm too afraid to do so.

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