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Hexen: Edge Of Chaos

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Hi there! Just learned about this mod! Herretic was among my favourite games back in the old days as was hexen and hexen 2.So this mod has a soft spot for me as i hope the devs manage to finish at least one episode with all the character classes.

I have not played it yet but from what i have seen it looks very interesting BUT the levels from the screenshots look very empty...I mean the general architecture is great but there are no details of any kind...It somehow almost feel as a full 3d version of playing herretic/hexen with doomengine were everything is high res and many 2d models are 3d as well as the enemies but everything is so simple and empty that you know you playing a very old game...

I mean have debris all over the place,pottery,carpets,plants,bushes,vines grown all over the walls,haystacks,carts,corpses all over the place,blood,dead animals,flags,glasses,windows and when inside buildings have chairs,tables,carpets,painting,rags,bookselfs and in general make the world as a living place that got invaded and turned to hell.

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