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So I have finally started to post some of the backlog of posts. I have been mainly doing this as a form of procrastination from other projects that I am currently involved in. I will do more recent updates once stability happens though I wont have an excuse to procrastinate then. The blogs are mainly supplementary to the posted images. Images maybe worth a thousand words but without overall context they lose meaning. I also welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

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So I started into the world of modding and was now part of a mod development group. They had some promising work already started but the actual developer team only consisted of about five people. So in order to help out with tangible work I needed to help with doing some modelling. Although I wanted to help out with the organisation more as I felt it was more warranted the team ethos was that of progression through doing. This I thought was fair enough as it is only right for someone new to prove themselves before giving them a substantial role. I know people hunt for specific people for certain positions and it works so I decided to go with this methodology.

So the first thing that I needed to do as a modeller was to get something, anything into the game engine.Though I didn't really have any direction as to what I should do I decided that this was probably the best course of action. Although I had some previous experience with Blender getting a model in-game was another story. There was no simple tutorial into getting this done so I had to alot of research.
Thankfully there were already scripts being developed by the guys over at Niftools. On a side note they are an incredible bunch of guys who are one of the reasons the Gamebryo based mod communities are quite large. But I digress.

Anyways so I decided to do something simple, in this case making a simple cube. Not to bore you with specifics at this point I may leave that to a further blog but I ended up modelling a simple bevelled cube as a prototype, attached a texture, and exported it as a .nif, a Gamebryo specific file format. I had some problems with it rendering incorrectly initially as Fallout was looking for the textures in its own archive. Since it had no attached gamelogic elements in terms of collision the player can walk(clip) right through it. Not the desired effect but this was certainly progress.

This was what cemented me into the development group thought it was only the start of what I would have to learn, some necessary while other learning just happened to be something random that would pop into my head. I will go through some of these development throughout this series of blogs.

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