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So I have finally started to post some of the backlog of posts. I have been mainly doing this as a form of procrastination from other projects that I am currently involved in. I will do more recent updates once stability happens though I wont have an excuse to procrastinate then. The blogs are mainly supplementary to the posted images. Images maybe worth a thousand words but without overall context they lose meaning. I also welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

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So I'm going to play catch up on some blog work that I have been meaning to do for quite some time. I was in second year of college and had some free time that I knew was coming up from college as I was heading on placement I decided to just go for it. I started looking about here on Moddb for some interesting mods that I thought would be good to join.

I think the first mod that I decided to look at was an Oblivion based mod called Operation Stargate - Oblivion. I had previous done oblivion modding and Stargate was definitely something that I have both knowledge of and am interested in, though not an obsessive. I got in contact with the author but at the time he seemed to be very dispondant as far as the future of the mod as he wanted people to contribute world and he would combine them. He was a solo developer and only seemed to be doing a small conversion of some basic models. He has since re-worked the mod to include a varriety of genres and the mod seems to be progressing.

I then looked at some Resident Evil based mods. The majority of them were Half-Life 2 based and though I have previously worked with the source editor I felt that I wanted to work with one of the Gamebryo based products. I wanted to gain more in depth knowledge. So I shyed away from them but have been tracking them ever since.

The final mod which I came across was a Final Fantasy VII mod called Mako Dawn Mako Dusk. The mod is base around the fictional metropolis of Midgar set in the Final Fantasy universe. I have been a huge fan of the game since playing the original version and from some of the content they had on display on their profile it seemed very promising.

The mod was being developed on the Fallout 3 platform. I hadn't used the the updated content set so was very interested in getting to know what this mod was about. I applied on their forum and made an application for the position of Organisation and Modeller. The initial piece that I submitted as a portfolio piece was my 3D model of Gir.

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