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nakano1987 Jan 14 2013, 12:44pm says:

Thank you for your replies 3dRobbo! On the fly, I meant that you could change the character your controlling. For example, it could be this way. Hotkey 1 = Character 1, hotkey 2 = Character 2 etc.

I think map editor would be something that would make your game hugely popular, but I understand it's a lot of work.

One more note: It might be more user friendly if mine-like-weapons would work similarly as grenades. A key to switch the mine-type and a key to drop it; not separate keys for dropping different kind of mines.

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nakano1987 Jan 12 2013, 12:10pm says:

I read some replies from your forum:
So split-screen co-op is possible (maybe the screen could split if players walk too far away from each other; well you'll probably know what's the best) and gamepads do work (tested with PS2-controller, though configuring is somewhat annoying).

Some more suggestions: A possibility to prone and climb over building like in JA2. Large buildings you can walk into (note: I have only played first 2 missions and this wans't doable). Map & mission editor would also be tons of fun and definitely would increase the game's popularity.

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nakano1987 Jan 11 2013, 2:22pm says:

I bought the alpha and have a few questions for the developers. Can the multiplayer be accessed on this build (the button is not active)? Is it local (with gamepad support) or online only? Will there be some background music in the final game (it's so quiet so I thought it was a bug) and will it be possible to change a character on fly / place them individually?

+2 votes   game: Recruits
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