What? You don't have anything better than to stalk my profile? Go on. Go away. Shoo. Begone with thee....... You're still here? Well aren't you the persistent one. And I thought I was hard headed. *taps fingers on desk* You bored yet? No? Fine. *continues taping* Are you seriously still here? You really need to get a life. One other than just reading people profile bios anyway. *leans back in chair* Ok you're really starting to creep me out now. Seriously what's your deal? I told you to go away already, why do you find this so interesting? Ok you know what, I only have one last thing to say... "Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!"

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0 comments by Mickapicka on Apr 17th, 2015

I don't know about anyone else but I am HYPED for the new Star Wars movie coming out! It'll be in theaters this Christmas. One of my favorite things in Star Wars is all the types of armors that you see people wear. Out of all of them my favorites are Mandalorian Beskar'gam, Phase II Clone/Katarn armor, and Stormtrooper armor, and this particular variant of Stormtrooper armor revealed in the latest trailer looks sick. From the looks of him, I think he is actually capable of aiming.

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0 comments by Mickapicka on Apr 4th, 2015

The day that our lord rose again, defeating death itself. I hope you all have a good time with your families and friends tomorrow and if you're not able to be with them that you're able to make whatever you can out of Easter. I personally am pretty happy that I have a new "toy", that of which I have to thank my good Dad for getting for me today.
New Mosin

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1 comment by Mickapicka on Mar 24th, 2015

I don't expect many people to read this but I hope a few certain people do. A few years ago I was wanting to become part of the STALKER modding community but unfortunately life wouldn't allow it. Now I'm at one of the important crossroads we all get to eventually. When I graduate from high school I plan on joining the US Army Reserves. Hopefully, while im doing that and online college I will FINALLY be able to do what I've wanted to do for many years now. This isn't a promise, but more of a hope of mine that I'm putting out there so those of faith can help pray this into reality and for those that aren't cross their fingers that these things come to be.

Thank you in advance, and thank you especially to those of you who gave me the chance to become a part of the STALKER modding community even though I regrettably was not able to contribute hardly anything at all. I hate to end my first blog on such a bleak note but it is what it is.

-God Bless

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