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Red alert 3

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Yep You heard me Games that cant live up to expectations its so pointless i think making a big deal about a game and then fails utterly fails. The question why do they know there game sucks or do they think it rocks. here are some of the games that failed for me utterly failed.

Red alert 3: Yay another C & C it has to be good. !!!BEEP!!! WRONG this game sucks. It had a big release party in London it must be good !!!BEEP!!! Wrong again the gameplay is boriiiiiing 6/10, the graphics i thought we were in the age of great beautiful graphics well this game is 7/10, The sounds this game would be better for a 3 year old with there stupid not funny humor 7/10.
Althogh there are some positives such as multiplayer really fun 9/10.
Deadly Videos starring some big names and great acting 10/10.
But The campaing sucks with boring missions 4/10.
Cool Co comander orders 8/10.

So My Overall rating is 7/10.
Gamespot rating 8.00
Gamespot User rating 7.00
IGN rating 8.2
IGN reader rating 7.1

One thing go with youre heart not with the reviews except this one of course.

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