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mehman121 Oct 1 2013, 8:08pm says:

hey everyone, check out the let's look at of sorts I did for this game if your interested as to how it looks and plays before wanting to download it.
I would still recommend downloading it since overall it's a great game and i had a really fun time playing.

+2 votes   game: Alien Arena
mehman121 Sep 30 2013, 11:29pm says:

hey everyone, I did a let's look at of sort for Alter Ego so if your unsure as to whether or not you want to try it, you can check out what its like here:
I do strongly recommend this game if you enjoy puzzle platformers in general :) It is a great game overall

+1 vote   game: AlterEgo
mehman121 Sep 29 2013, 7:35am says:

Hey everyone, I ended up doing a Let's look at for this game. If you guys are curious about Hangeki but want more of an idea of what type of gameplay is it or how it progresses and flows you can check it out here
I still highly recommend that everyone downloads this game since its really well done and keeps the action going at a comfortable pace with beautiful graphics and entertaining music for each level.
~Destroyer Of Toast

+2 votes   game: Hangeki
mehman121 Sep 29 2013, 7:28am says:

Hey everyone, I ended up doing a let's look at for this game. If you guys are interested in the game but dont care to download it you can have a nice idea of how this game works here
Overall though i would still highly recommend this game to anyone since i feel it has an interesting mechanic that isnt explored much at all and is a beautiful and fun game.
~Destroyer Of Toast

+1 vote   game: Deity
mehman121 Sep 28 2013, 12:56pm says:

Hey everyone, I did a let's play of sorts for this very unique and interesting game. You can check it out here:
It also includes all possibilities i could get inclusing both "endings" or choices you can make.
I strongly recommend you all play through it for yourselves before really looking at anything for it since it makes the experience a lot better and more memorable. This game is well worth the Download and playthrough.
~Destroyer Of Toast

+1 vote   game: Space Blaster (Lines)
mehman121 Aug 7 2013, 9:48pm says:

Hey everyone. I ended up doing a review/ some gameplay for this wonderful game. please check it out and let me know what you think at /destroyedtoast and maybe even check out some of my other content on the youtubes.

0 votes   game: Bounce!
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