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I figured I might actually give modding a go, since I hadn't really got any experience in that area yet. Mount and Blade: Warband seemed easy enough to start with, so off I went.

The Skyfallers is a bit of an odd mod. I wanted to create something unique, yet still in my skill range. So... Skyfallers is set in my version of Calradia's future, where things have gone a little strange. Firstly, a blinding firebolt is seen flaring from the heavens- which turns out to be a craft from another world. The crash launched a wave of radiation across Calradia, killing millions and bringing the dead to life, effectively bringing the Kingdoms back to their population numbers you see in the game. The intruders were strange. Human or not, none can say.

What they WILL say is they were as hostile as the devil himself. Was it from fear, anger- were they looking for war? Either way, the Calradian armies battled the entrapped Skyfallers. Yet... some factions found peace with the new comers. With that peace came the flow of technology.

And here's the twist.

Calradia was a medieval world, that just skipped its industrial age due to the addition of modern technology. As a result, the world is in a state of chaos- the medieval style of melee combat clashing with fire arms warfare. "Muskets" as such don't exist, rather, each faction has their own version of the invader's weapons, such as the Swadian's Bolters and the Vaegir's Lancers.

This mod is set in that chaos. Will you ally with the Skylanders? Will you keep true to the ways of old, fighting with shield and sword? Or will you empower yourself with new, more powerful weapons? In a world where no one can decide what's modern and what's old, the choice is yours.

I've done a bit of work on the graphical elements of the game, and have added in a fair few bits of weaponry ranging from old, odd looking "Bolter" held cannons to advanced Skyfaller sub machine guns. I've also created some modern clashed with old helmets, and a fair amount of camo retextures of existing armors. I haven't figured out how to rig yet, so... till then, no custom armor. :(

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