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I don't know if anybody reads this, but it would be awesome if somebody did. I'm kinda lost at the moment- I'm not sure where to go with two of my games.

I have two projects, Apocalyptic and Pixel Space. Both are progressing fine. But for example, in Apocalyptic, it's becoming TOO bland. That doesn't make sense, because technically I'm adding more to it. But anyway. I think the real problem is the landscape and game area. It's bland. It's a ground. With a bit of grass. And trees. That's it. Sound boring? It is.

So I'm probably going to try and implement some sort of new generation scripting that hopefully will fix it. My first idea was to generate small towns. That IS tricky, as I have to find out a way to generate a set of buildings/town stuff in Construct, AND in grid and destroyable format. So yeah. I could also add in other things, like lakes and such, but that's pretty generic.

Then there's Pixel Space, the terraria style game in space. Currently, its a platformer. Which is where I wanted it to stay. I mean, it has to be the first completely open world sandbox space exploring PLATFORMER. But now people say they think it would be better in top down. Sigh.

Just can't please everyone, I guess. :P

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