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Aw what the heck, I figured it'd be time I started with a blog, even if nobody reads it. Getting my ideas and thoughts down on paper/screen seem to raise new ideas, and therefore it must be productive. Also, fingers must type. Type. Type. Type. Type. Type....

As anybody that has come from the Apocalyptic page here, or has seen the Games section on this profile knows, I am the main developer on Apocalyptic. Apocalyptic is really meant to be my first big-ish game that I have ever developed, ever, but now that there is a few others (even if they are just doing graphics/sound) I can't really say it's "my" first game. Not only that, but I continually find that as I work on this project over time, I keep finding better ways that I could have done something, and, well, I've spent more time on changing existing elements of the game rather then adding new parts.

Close to dropkicking my laptop out of the window, I decided to work on a new project or two to take my mind off of this never ending monochromatic zombie survival horror. The first one is a game called Tiny War, or whatever, it hasn't really been named yet. There is some screenshots in my profile above. It's basically a side on strategy game, set in an alternate reality where warfare is modern, and yet low tech at the same time. It's 2012, and pikes, swords and low tech rifles are still used.

The other one I only just started. It plays similar to Teraria, except that the player never goes above ground. It's designed to be a two player split screen game, but it can be played on singleplayer to a point. The idea is to mine resources to improve their own base, build defensive structures and buy tools, expand and reinforce you base and capture your opponents Orb. There's lots to do here, but I have lots of ideas for it. And, I have another version in mind which is similar except it is set in space. You construct a starship which acts as your base, which can be added on to and customised, and then fly out in a shuttle or other craft to asteroids to mine resources. Me thinky side scrolling starship combat out of blocks? Me thinks so.

So. No more writing so much? Yeah, I'm a little typing-happy...

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