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MeatbagWammo @ Graphics card of choice.

TL;DR: I picked Nvidia.

If you would have asked me this about 10 years ago I would have picked ATI. I have never had problems with ATI cards, until AMD came in. At first they were pretty decent, mostly because of what ATI already had in the works came out as "AMD" cards. But soon after they switched from ATI branded graphics cards to AMD branded, I've had nothing but problems.

Drivers crashed at least twice a day, and anything that used OpenGL crashed after a few minutes if I was lucky. Once a driver update even bricked a card (although it was pretty old at the time). The most stable drivers I have ever had for AMD cards were modified versions, that were made in the spare time of a Russian software engineer. (Which kind of tells you something!)

I have recently switched to Nvidia after years of desperately hoping that AMD would fix these problems, and so far my drivers have NEVER crashed. Although I haven't had my Nvidia GTX 970 for long, I can tell that this card will last me quite a while.

I don't agree with how most of Nvidia's software, frameworks, and CUDA is proprietary. I love how AMD/ATI is committed to open standards and software, and I kind of hate myself for "switching sides" because of it. But because of the instability and lack of support for their older* cards, I went with Nvidia.

*Older as in (relatively) how old the gtx 700 series is to the 900 series in respect to the ATI/AMD cards I was using and what was new at the time.

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MeatbagWammo @ MERP C&D

Yeah, your right. I wasn't trying to say that they were making up stuff, or that they were doing it because their jobs were on the line.
(I just noticed how much it sounded like I was.)

I remember how much people where bashing on Bethesda when their lawyers filed copyright infringement against Mojang for Scrolls. So I wanted to make sure that people shouldn't boycott WB because their lawyers are aggressive.

I admit that I probably wasn't thinking straight and was a little angry, and that I probably should have put some more thought into that comment.

But like I said, you just need to stress that you are doing it with your own assets and that you don't aim to get money from it. You could maybe offer to change the name of the project if they try to get you for infringing the copyright of one of their games/products.

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MeatbagWammo @ MERP C&D

If I was in your guys' situation, I would make sure that you stressed a few things:
1. MERP is a MOD.
2. MERP is NOT going to be sold
3. All of the assets being used are made by YOU, or came with Skyrim.
4. The mod is being called "Middle Earth Roleplay Project," not "Lord of the Rings: Skyrim," so it will rarely conflict with anything produced by WB, unless they decided to name their next game "Middle Earth" or something like that.

I'm pretty sure mods would be covered under the Fair Use Act as long as you use assets created by you. I've been following the MERP for a few years now and I haven't seen anything that you didn't make. Just try to keep a level head and make sure they understand what you guys are trying to do.

I think that this might be a case where the lawyers have nothing to do, and they "conveniently" stumbled upon something that might infringe on WB's copyrights. I almost consider lawyers separate from the company they work for. They're probably doing this just to keep there jobs.

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MeatbagWammo @ moya concept

When I saw "Moya" I thought of Farscape...

Anyway, great work! Keep it up guys!

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MeatbagWammo @ Crash Bandicoot Returns is not dead!

With CE3 it can be a standalone game rather than a mod.

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MeatbagWammo @ Omegalodon

(Omegalodon picks up car)

Girl: "I what are you doing?"

Omegalodon: "RRRAAWWWR!!!" (Opens door and puts on nose)

Girl: "I don't think you can fit in there..." (Omegalodon disappears) "Where did you go?!" (sees car driving around like crazy) "Oh my god, he's unstoppable!"


Anyway, this is absolutely amazing! Reminds me of a Godzilla game, and Rampage.

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MeatbagWammo @ Skyrim - Doctor Who

Are you going to do anything about Farscape? I think that would be pretty sweet!

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MeatbagWammo @ Kinetic Damage

Sweet! I can't wait to try this on my tablet! Keep up the good work.

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MeatbagWammo @ Nitronic Rush Updates #1 and #2 Released

This game is FLIPPING AWESOME! Are you planning on making an Android version?

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MeatbagWammo @ vincole wip

I have to agree, it is epic!

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MeatbagWammo @ Ravaged

This game looks AMAZING! Keep up the great work guys!

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MeatbagWammo @ Neodrome

This looks really awesome! Tracking, and voted.

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MeatbagWammo @ Giveaway

"I don't always play video games, but when I do, I prefer Towns." - NapoleĆ³n

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MeatbagWammo @ Robot Concepts - 01

The bottom two look like they're from Megaman Legends.

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