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ManiacTehGreat Jul 28 2014, 12:24pm says:

See the 'Feature List' article under 'Features'. I couldn't post my feature list in the mod description as it had too many characters.

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ManiacTehGreat Sep 8 2010, 3:40pm says:

Most patches break games started under a previous patch.

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ManiacTehGreat Sep 7 2010, 3:52pm replied:

You can find the link for the extra media on Civfanatics:

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ManiacTehGreat Aug 24 2010, 2:20pm replied:

Re the patch, figuring out problems with unmodded Civ4 is not my field of expertise. I would suggest requesting help in the Civ4 - technical support forum of Civfanatics (CFC).

Re Windows Vista, in that case, as said, check out the tutorial on how to change your UAC settings.

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ManiacTehGreat Aug 23 2010, 3:01pm replied:

Can you please clarify just to be sure?

When you say 'patch', are you refering to patch 3.19 for Beyond the Sword, or patch 13m for Planetfall?

Also, what operating system do you have? If you have Windows XP, you indeed don't have UAC. If you have Vista or 7, you do have UAC. Check out the tutorial section for how to change its settings.

I'm afraid you're not providing enough information for me to figure out what your problem could be. For instance simply saying the patch doesn't install doesn't tell me much unless you could also provide a screenshot. Unfortunately this comments section isn't really fit for that kind of stuff. You could always register at Civfanatics and post in the Planetfall forum there.

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ManiacTehGreat Aug 19 2010, 10:06am replied:

First off, how did you solve your old problem, and what was it exactly?

Second point, let's start with the simple things:
1) have you manually downloaded and installed patch 3.19 for Beyond the Sword? The in-game updater is broken.
2) If you're using Windows Vista or 7, do you have User Account Control (UAC) disabled?

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ManiacTehGreat Jul 5 2010, 2:19pm replied:

I didn't know such a program existed for Civ4. In any case, I can see why such a program would no longer work for mods, as many mods add new values to the save file.

It's possible to change your gold using the Worldbuilder by the way.

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ManiacTehGreat Jun 24 2010, 8:06pm replied:

Civ4 doesn't have cheat codes. You can just open the Worldbuilder of course.

I must say though I don't understand what Kirk is talking about. It would indeed be strange if he's talking about the Tutorial, because that's a mod on it own for vanilla Civ4.

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ManiacTehGreat Jun 23 2010, 1:01pm replied:

No tutorial. Some new concepts are explained in the 'Hints' and 'Planetfall Concepts' pages of the Civilopedia/Datalinks. If you have any questions, you can always ask for help on the CFC forum.

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ManiacTehGreat Jun 16 2010, 1:38pm replied:

Are you trying to install the main file, or the patch? If you were trying to install the patch without having installed the main file yet, I suspect it would give you such a message.

If that's not it, I could probably use a screenshot of what exactly the installer says when you can't continue. I'd suggest attaching a screenshot in the CFC or WePlayCiv Planetfall forum/thread.

Also I don't really understand what you mean with "it says install to the beyond the sword folder, so i select the folder". Normally the correct installation folder should be automatically detected and selected, and you just need to click on "Install".

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ManiacTehGreat Jun 16 2010, 12:36pm replied:

The first living thing to PBEM against Maniac was a small white noob.
I still have him, in fact.
As you can see, the pwnage was not so great as they say.

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