I am an aspiring Game Designer currently studying Interactive Entertainment at the SAE Qantm College. I have always enjoyed playing and analyzing the aesthetics and mechanics of digital entertainment, which is why I hope to learn the core skills needed to work in the continually evolving field of digital entertainment. My true passion in this field is both the design of the core game mechanics as well as the visual aesthetics of the game as these are what i feel i truly love about the creation of Games and would love to contribute to these areas of the development life cycle. As a way to track my self-set key performance indicators during my Bachelor’s degree and to just have some fun I have been continually designing and programming my own original digital content which can be viewed on this website as well as downloadable samples of said content, I hope that by continually updating this website you can see the improvements I’ve made in my own work during my time as a student.

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The Final Prototype!

Malarpuppet Blog

Hi everyone! So as I said the last time is that I am working in conjunction with another student at SAE Qantm by the name of Reign! on our final prototype for our rapid prototyping class, we decided on this so as to make sure that we can produce as high a quality product within four weeks as possible with myself as the programmer and Reign as the artist.

Now prepare yourself as currently none of the art assets being created have been implemented as were only at the start of the second week however, this is currently what I've got in terms of the programming side, you can also click on the image to open up the web player demo of what this actually does so far.Prototype 3 map So currently in the project the player is able to re-roll their characters statistics and then set them, currently this just re-rolls set random values which means you could potentially get a character with “OP” stats, I’m considering redoing this so that it takes stats points from a “pool” so that you never get an “OP” character however that is dependent on whether or not i have enough time for it.

You are also able to navigate around the level by moving your mouse, the camera is clamped so that you cannot fly off forever and potentially “lose” the level. What isn’t but is currently in the works of being implemented is the actual combat, what happens currently is the player clicks to move to a tile next to there current tile to move to it, Once they have moved to said tile it then does a random check to see if there is an enemy on this tile, if there is an enemy the combat phase starts.

What happens in the combat phase is that the characters team is the displayed on the right hand side of the screen (Or left, haven’t decided yet) and the enemy is then spawned on the opposite side, Then the player engages in a Pokemon/final fantasy style battle system were each side takes a turn selecting what to do.

I’d say this is my first real attempt into designing a “smart” AI as i usually don’t put that much thought into how i want to program them to do, But i’m feeling hopeful about it!.

Anyhow I’ve used up enough of everyone’s time here and i’ll write some more about this project either this week or the next, Enjoy!


Malarpuppet Blog

Hi everyone I've finished the first prototype and you can find a link to it below!
People Construct
This was a really fun prototype and I've learned a lot from it to, anyway not much to post here other than i'm starting my next prototype brief today and i'll probably post about it later this week seeing as how instead of having to produce a prototype in three weeks i only have two so it will be made a lot fast. enjoy!
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Malarpuppet Blog

Hi everybody, today i'm presenting to you a prototype that I've been working on for the past week during the rapid prototyping phase of my course.So the brief for the rapid prototype meant that i had to make a game that was entirely keyboard operated and could only use 4 color's, it sounded challenge at the start but it was actually very easy to be honest.The first problem that i had though was designing an economy for my prototype game (pictured below) basically i modeled my prototype of the movie The Matrix but redesigned it to work as it's own title, i'll explain a little as to how the diagram works now.- People produce power.- power runs to the factory and nursery.- the factory produces nursery robots which along with the factory produce more people.- and every now and then the resistance steal humans.So from that i went in to Photoshop and designed with an idea of what i wanted the game to look like and seeing as how you're going to be playing as a robot it sort of made sense to not have any visuals (why would a robot need visuals?),anyway this is the design that i came up with.As you can see from the design I've tried to design the game to look like an old DOS computer as i wanted it to have that retro feel.
And finally here is what i'm up to with the actual game, I've actually finished the prototype and still have a week left before the next brief so i'm going to get a week to spend polishing my game and optimizing the script, anyway here's the current version of my game, hope you enjoy!

As usual please leave a comment or visit my website, they really help me improve on my designs.


Malarpuppet Blog

Hey everyone here that's interested! i've just uploaded a presentation that i did on fallout's design and themes within the fallout universe, and you can find the video below, enjoy!

If you've enjoyed this video or any of my other content please visit my blog! you can find the link below

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HI everyone just blogging here to let you know that i have uploaded my game to my website and mod-db, it is currently waiting to be authorized by the mods on mod-db so if you can't wait to download it visit my blog by clicking here! also i'd greatly appreciate anyone reading this and who has tried my game to please give me feedback in the comments section of either my blog or mod-db, any comment i get helps make my games better.

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