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Hi! i already contacted Dallas about this, but i can help you out with the concept art. If you can contact me that'd be great!

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I honestly have no clue when your Birthday is. Huzzar :P

I'm not really part of one now. Attempting to. There's a bunch of failed Opposing Force continuations, and I'm attempting to get onto 7 Hour War mod..Something like that. And some other ones as a modeler of the mesh weapons...I'm still using blender, so they'd like have to export it to Milkshape or Maya or whatever.

I think that it says I'm on a Mod team, but like..Even if you leave, you still count as having been on one at some time. So like yah.

Blah, I need a better computer. I can't even make attempts at mapping for HL2, which sucks uberly.

The War of the Nukes idea is OKAY, but the guy needs a better story. I mean, I had a few good ideas, but the guy hasn't PMed me back, so I figure he doesn't want help, or like..Doesn't know how to work PMs.

Blah, we should actually be PMing each other, but if you want to do the comment thing, that's all right with me.

Oh, and I found I absolutely suck at making up some stuff...The mod I was previously working on like had me as a story editor, and the storyline..It just..Failed. All mystical and stuff, which apparently I don't like. I'm all for semi-realism and the Half-Life Universe.

Yah. That'saboutit.

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Omfg, I'm so late. I completely missed it. Sorry about that. Sorry for the uberlateness.

Hope you're having fun with your War of the Nukes mod. I have some uberideas to make that mod slightly better, though whether or not they would work is questionable...Bleh, anyways, I PMed your master-y-guy and like asked him if he needed help with storyline brainstorming..

It'd be a lot better with a few things..Since normal Nukes sort of blow everyone away, there wouldn't be much left for those mutated bodies, and they'd be in such pain that they wouldn't dare to try to shoot at you...Bleh, what do I know.


~BT. Wtk.

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