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The Reckoning : For M&B

Mod review

absolutly nice mod, completly different than anything else for M&B, survivors, feeling, ambient, bunch of guns/weapons and armors ,etc..

i just love it.

keep up this very good mod


The Great War 1918

Mod review - 3 disagree

héhé nice ! my little opinion :
+ nice buildings
+ nice vehicules
+ infantry die realist (easily with hmg or vehicule fire)
+ sounds
+ textures

- usa look a bit favorised (tank more strong, artillery have more long range..)
~+ cant wait more from this mod ^^

finally this mod is very good, nice models and all , and soo damn crazy on big battle with all this HMG shooting everywhere (infantry,tank,bunker) lol ^^
good work ! keep up ! very good start ,i recommand this mod !^^


SkyMoMod V13

Mod review

very nice mod , a lots of cool monsters ^^