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Luxlin May 27 2013, 12:43pm says:

Love the fact that you will finally be able to hunt and scavenge proberly in this game, cant wait to kick up my boot near the campfire after a good hunt in the zone and enjoy the mutant feast while watching the sunset :)

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Luxlin May 27 2013, 12:21pm says:

Hey, like the Gear symbol, and i wonder if it would be possible to maybe make it so that the colour of the gear changes form copper to silver and then gold if the weapon has upgrades in 1st, 2nd or 3rd tier?

+1 vote   media: Symbol for 'customized weapon'
Luxlin May 22 2013, 8:47pm says:

Hey There, I have been a fan of the Stalker franchise and played all the games since 2007, and I LOVE the work you guys did with the Misery mod 1.0, got the mod a few days back, and have run through most of the game with it, and must say, though from what i understand, being new to the mod, and this community and the state of the mod, 1.0 being somewhat of an unpolished beta version of what you intend to do with Misery 2.0 edition, it still in my humble opinion shows that your Mod yields the greatest of potentials to become the single Mod i have craved for since diving in to the zone! og ja :P endnu en dansker hér, så vil bare sige tusind tak for jeres fantastiske indsats so far, håber virkeligt i har fået den opmæksomhed i fortjener, for det jeg har set i er i færd med at fin pudse til Misery 2.0 det ser super ud, venter i spænding på at få det i hænderne!

Alt held og lykke her fra!

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