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ltdrakejackson @ The End of Days

The pictures of the navy and GLA look really promising, I bet this longer wait will be really well worth it, I see marvelous work there man, thanks for bringing good stuff like that to the community, cheers.

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ltdrakejackson @ Spec Ops Warfare

Hi there, cool mod man, good job, I have some questions for you, why does the mod when downloaded says v1.1 and not v1.6? And the M4/M203 with holographic sight, does the sight really works or the holo sight is not implemented yet? (Beta stage maybe?) Cheers man, keep up the good work. D.

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ltdrakejackson @ Ballistic Weapons & Junkwars Mods and Mutators

Greetings, I was wanted to drop by and say hi to you guys, I have enjoyed Ballistic Weapons and Sgt. Kelly mods at it's finest and I'm patiently waiting for your next release, I want to say a big THANK YOU for your dedication on working on with this great project! It blow's off my damn mind! I have never seen such professional weapons with real movement (No robot stuff seen in there) and all, it is just great! Peace guys, you are awesome!

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ltdrakejackson @ The End of Days

Great mod! I have tried most of it and it works very well, all of the units are just greatly modeled and textured, some units do fire their weaponry but the explosion is never heard, most of them are artillery, some of them that I remember are Paladin Artillery and the heavy russian one from the ballistic system, also I see planes like the B2 spirit, the russian counterpart, and some smaller planes turn to the left or right very fast, very paranormal haha, and the F-15 is very slow, it's more like a slow flying duck, easy prey for any small anti air unit, also it drops the bomb when is straight on it's target, the russian "drop-off" version MI-26 Halo (The not playable one) makes a plane engine sound when nearby, and is not as fast as the playable counterpart, I don't know but IMHO it would be good to set the same speed and sound parameters to both, don't you think? Never give up! You are doing a great job, DJ.

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