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Welcome to Britain - Part 1 of Brytenwalda Blog

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Welcome to Britain, a sign should say as the boat pulls in to the port of Grantebryege in East Anglia, it is cold and wet, typical British Weather. I am playing as Daslight Elemant a Tall Saxon who was born in a lesser noble family, his father was a man who could call all of 50 troops to his banner in his times of need, being a young burden our lad Daslight was shipped off to learn the fighting skills of a household solider. That he did and very quickly became a household troop in his own Father's hall. One night however after sleeping with the local tavern wench behind the stables Daslight heard the screams and shout of murdering violence, putting his one night lover to one side he rushed round to she his family killed and murdered. On the floor lies a a sword from the land of Britain ... Daslight vows to find this killer and that mean's Heading to Britain on the next ship out of Germany. 'Woden guide me' he says as he leaves the port. (Religion will play a huge part in this mod and our lad Daslight is a follower of the Old Germanic Gods)

Coming into the Town of Grantebryege in the late evening Daslight heads straight for an inn and gets his head down, the next morning he sets out bright and early to find his way around the town. Then he hears it, the unsheathing of a sword, Daslight gets out his Javelins and prepares to throw, round the corner runs a screaming bandit,Flinging one Javelin into his shoulder the bandit carries on coming Daslight draws out his seax and kills this bandit. The first of many. A merchant soon follows and tell Daslight to pack up his things and get out of here Daslight refuses and promises to help clear the area of cretins and the like. The merchant just laughs and gives some silver and tells him one piece of advice. Strength in Numbers my Lad.

Very soon Daslight sets off and puts the silver to good use collecting together a band of villagers too bored with farming to carry on, all together we are a company of 12, 3 Saxons, 3 Angles, 5 Frisens and Daslight. After travelling for a few hours bandits come charging out of a group of trees. This is the first test for this small band of men. The Bandits get closer Daslight throws a Javelin, it misses all 10 of the bandits, He flings another, and another miss. He flings one more weary of the speed the bandits are approaching, a hit but only in the shoulder of the nearest murderer, he throws his last and catches the bandit in the heart causing him to go down screaming like a pig. By now all the Bandits are upon the men and the fight really beginnings, but just as quick as it start it is over screams of joy are all around, Daslight looks up worried he is the only one left, but he sees that the bandits are either all dead or are unconscious, and none of the farmers are dead! Victory! With the spoils of battle Daslight and his band of merry men are off to the nearest Town Lundenwic, soon with gold and silver from the weapons and armour and the selling of the bandits to a slaver, drinks are pouring and the men are loving the whores all paid by Daslight himself. A rough night for them all.

Upon waking in the morning the men most wit stinking headaches and unsettled stomachs head out again, but they very quickly come across trouble, in the River they see a ship, and soon a crew of angry Dena Pirates armed in mail with large shields, swords and clubs come storming out, Daslight charges hoping to put on a brave face for his men but he is soon swamped and feels a blow to the back of his head. His world goes black ...

Playthrough Blog!

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So as you may know i promised to be active more on my blog and well. it didn't happen at all, however amongst my YouTube creating, College Work and Novel Writing I very rarely get time to just play games. (Did I mention I also run a PW Clan)

Anyways, the point of this short and snappy blog post is to tell you about a lovely little idea I have come up with:
I am going to write a playthrough blog, this is where I play through a game and upload blog posts along with images about the adventures i have taken. My first game is going to the Brytenwalda Mod for Mount and Blade Warband. So keep watching this space and very soon there should be an upload. Feel Free to suggest playthroughs, if i can't always write them I'm sure I can record them.



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Well this one might cause some reaction.

I am back with my blog and this time i am talking the joys and joys of Multiplayer, and as is the norm on my blog lets cast our minds back, remeber when games were big becuase their stories were great and multiplayer was seen as spilt screen as the internet was still only a babby, well how nice were those days, I personally think they were some good days for games and actually the best ever days for family gaming.

Today the multiplayer scene is completely different, it is a global thing for the masses, which is great, but there are some major consequences, only a year or two ago I worried for the single player game, CoD was the biggest selling game on the market every year and the stories were slipping further and further away into oblivion, and they seemed only focused on the Multiplayer too, the story could be finished in a few hours and then it was all about the multiplayer, now i have picked up a Call of Duty game since the first Black Ops, and well i haven't looked back, I never played Modern Warfare 2 and the lst game in that series that had a good storyline was World at War. Good Riddance in my opinion that game franchise is dead.

But multiplayer has taken a different route yet again it is no longer the old Single player and Mutliplayer games there is just the multiplayer games the F2P, has taken the market by storm, as i write this I have an advert for Star Wars The Old Republic, but although there is masses of these games out there not one F2P game that is a mmorpg has really settled down as a market leader the MMORPG leader is still WoW or at least Guild Wars 2, today we play the MOBA games such as Dota and League of Legends these games are fully multiplayer and they are good for wasting a few hours, but these are not my games, but what i alike about them more than games like CoD is that they are wholly multiplayer and therefore time and effort is solely on that, most games that create a SP and a MP game type in their game end up spending more time concentrating on their MP and ignore their SP.

Some games however do break the norm such as Mount and Blade Warband but waht to you thing do you thing that Multiplayer should either be a single game or do you think Multiplayer is more important that the Single player game?

Have your say in the Comments below and as always check out the YouTube and www.youtube.com/LowesyPC and also follow me on twitter @LowesyPC for news, reviews and gaming updates.


Early Access?

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Two blogs in two days, wow you guys should feel privileged. Anyway I'm here today to talk about Early Access Games.

So as normal, we start with a bit of nostalgia, a few years ago gaming magazines used to contain Demo Discs, these discs used to contain about 5 playable demos of about 15 mins sometimes even longer and the rest of the disc was trailers. This was the way to get your games out to the public before the days of mass social media.

Then the gaming industry saw a shift in the way it works, some game companies released beta tests for the public, something that used to be a job for people, since then Beta Testing took off. Companies now let you apply for betas and then if they like your application then you are sent a download and part of the game to play again not the full game but a fair chunk of it.

But last year Steam, yes I'm talking about Steam again, introduced early access gaming. Where you could buy the game for a price and you can play it immediately and when the full game is released you don't have to pay for it. However there was a catch, the game obviously wasn't complete and if the game company ran out of money the game might get scrapped, but that's the risk in Gaming. But what I don't get is that some games today on Steam Early Access cost £14.99 to play and contribute to the game creation, the biggest perk of the early access program whereas other are £64.99, so what am I getting for that price, I'd expect a shit tonne of goodies.

But should all games have the Early Access option, some games come out and are truly awful and unplayable due to bugs or bad optimisation, so surely giving gamers a chance to play would help the company or are we too demanding and we should leave Testing to the few.

Have your say by leaving a comment below and as always check out my YouTube www.youtube.com/LowesyPC


Pre-Owned Games?

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So I am back with a blog post its been a while but nevermind eh, so long as it is here right?

Anyway I am here to talk again about another gaming issue and view, the issue of Pre-Owned games.

A few years ago you could walk into your local Game Shop or Gamestation,(I am UK blogger so inset regional shop), and trade in several games for new games, no matter if they PC games, console or Anything in between, of which there is nothing. Then the Game Shop would catalouge it and put on the shelves and sell it.

This was the norm across the world (pretty Much) and then Steam appeared ... And everything changed, for the better or for the worse? Well in my opinion it was for the better, many will disagree and that's fine, but it went by with little fuss and bother, Steam and Valve made money off selling games to everyone at cut prices, who hasn't been tempted by 75% off a blockbuster. the thing is with Steam is the Game companies love them, it means we can't sell our games away to others and therefore they don't lose money for other people getting the game pre-owned.

Then Earlier this year Xbox and Mircosoft annonuced that you wouldn't be able to play pre-owned games on the Xbox One, and well the whole world went crazy, but why? Some pretentious and stuck-up PC gamers, the ones who call us PC gamers a Master Race, yeah those ones, would argue that the console gamers are either poor and can't afford the games which is rubbish or their brains aren't developed enough to comprend the fact that this helps the game companies. Again Rubbish.

However I don't see why people got so angry about it, yes I can understand in the trade ins you can get a discount and then you can let your mate borrow your game, but I think that the whole idea of linking games to accounts is a good idea, with Steam you can play your games on your account wherever Steam is installed on a PC, and why could this not be the same on the Xbox One, and I can understand the whole idea of lending games, and i agree it could be great if there was a system of lending games to other account for maybe a week or weekend etc, but we will have to see what can happen.

What do you think about Pre-Owned games? Have your say in the Comments below, and of course check out the Youtube - www.youtube.com/LowesyPC



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So this is my first Blog entry and its on something pretty big. Particularly on this website being that it is called Mod DB. Mods.

Some Mods are total and utter garbage, really some of them are useless, and I know people have put time and effort into these but seriously trying to turn Skyrim into a Porno, why? Just Why? I mean I can understand if you can't get laid and this is your sole way of getting any sex then fine make your little mods that introduce a female character pleasuring yourself for her pleasure, on your own game thank you.

Now I'm not against sex in Games, as it adds a sense of Realism to the game, i mean sex seems to be the most taboo subjects in games but the Sims has always somehow been letting the gamer act out some sexual fantasies.

Anyway that is besides the point. Modding is a great thing. And people who disargee with that, I have two questions for you;
1. Why are you on a modding website?
2. Are you a fool?
The reason I say this is because mods help keep games fresh and alive and moving forward long after the game's developers are moving to their next product and are neglecting their old products. My clear example would be Mount and Blade Warband. Great to start with, I love strategy games and RPG's and its way of combining both with an Army building mechanic, my mind was blown when I first saw it. But its not that great a game. It has great mechanics and it was a new idea with the idea of army building and a world that works with or without you, but its graphics are poor and some of the gameplay can get repetitive after a while, but mods like PW and Floris Mod have opened new doors and have kept the game fresh, and there are many other mods been created for Warband as I write this.

But Mods can have problems, and unfortunately game makers might dislike mods that are made for their games. One of Which is Total War, as much as I love the series, Darthmods have made those games the aboslute best they can be, however Creative Assembly in all their wisdom have told Dartis, the mod creator to stop, and he will no longer make any Darthmods For Rome 2 or any other new Total War game. Which is a pity, game makers should look after their games and not neglect their customers but when you have a mod which creates fans for the mod, so who go buy the game for the mod. They shouldn't kill off that, Dartis is only making things better for Everyone.

Thank you guys for reading this check back for regular news and gaming views.



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