Video game composer and Music Producer, Kevin Greenlee is one of the many new talents with tons of potential emerging from Alabama. Ever since 2006, when he first put his hands on audio creation software, he has been perfecting his style and working hard so that one day he would get recognition for his creation of music. Since then, he has had the chance to compose for a wide variety of games and movies. Now as a freelance artist, Kevin is getting more and more recognitions and requests from everywhere around the world. In exception, increasing his sound quality is most important. Kevin Greenlee alias LoudCore begins to realize that 2010 is the year where things will fall into place for him.

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Hello! My name is Kevin Greenlee. I am the creator and producer of LoudCore and MetalArms Media. I specialize in Music/Audio Production and Sound Design.

My primary focus is creating outstanding, unique, and forever memorable music for video games, movies, ads, and various other media outlets

Feel free to contact me via Email. I would love to work with you and/or your team on your current or upcoming project(s).

Please visit my website at

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Please visit my website at

or my new production company

loudcore @
kevinreloaded @

MSN: coolguycelica11 @
AIM: reloadedkevin
Yahoo: LoudCore
Skype: kevin.reloaded14
ICQ: 614014017
I also use Gtalk.
Call: +1 (256) 677-9845
Available from 3pm - 9pm CST.

Visit my store:

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Producing music is a lot of hard work. With all of this attention I have been getting, it might seem like I never have time to goof off or rest. That is were you are wrong. Being a freelance artist is lots of fun because you can work when you want and whenever you want for as long as you want. So, that means I can find time to work and do it when ever I feel like it actually. I am basically learning out it feels to be a part of this industry of being a sound artist. Even though I live at home and whatnot, I find it to be very fun and it would definitely be something I would want to do for the rest of my working life. Since I am only in highschool, I have lots of time to get ready for the REAL industry and learn what it is all about. So far, it is a blast. I love to be able to open and turn on all my music stuff whenever I feel the need for music. It is definitely a nice thing to have this certain talent as well.

Years ago, I always wanted to be a part of the video game industry somehow. So about 4 years ago, I strolled upon some music programs and tried them all out and found one to be the easiest to use. After that, I practiced until I almost got sick of it at one point. Sometimes, I even get sick of working on a song that I would have been spending days and days on. It is all about business though. If you are told to do it, you better do it. So, of course I am going to try my hardest to reach my goal of what I want to do as a career. I am mostly sure I am making the right decision of what I want to do. Just hope to see what happens next!

When Heroes Unite audio - LoudCore - Mod DB

Here is my newest orchestra piece. Not really used for anything at the moment. But I hope you like it!

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Here is the new theme that is in the works! I tried giving it a gothic church feel with a couple horror effects to keep it's theme. I plan on improving the song as well before the next release. So keep your ears peeled :P

Hope you like it :)

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Hope you like it!

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