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LordVater @ And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Public Forum Test

I have an horrible old pc, zomboid runs almost perfect. But i see two big problems and i don't know if came from my pc or the beta.
One is what i can't attack, only a few times and never more.
And the second one is when i play a few time i can't interact with nothing, no eat, no grab, nothing...
Can anyone confirm that is my pc or the beta?

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LordVater @ Streams of Blood

i hate the wait and i came get angry a lot of time ago but i can see the great work you are doeing and like a lot the last update! i spect the problems fix it quick and can finish your first big great RC3!!!

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LordVater @ Project Zomboid

not mean to offend or disparage your work, but I like many other people we have long been encouraging, supporting and paying your course project, we understand that a lot of work and not take everything easy to do, but long ago in exchange for that support we receive nothing in return and begin to distrust and tired.
At this point let me give you some advice, although a final version of the game even stay away, could you concentraros in any aspect of such interest that both ye are laying right now, finish it and debug it to offer another small morsel that our voices silenced.
Sorry for my english i use gtraductor of spanish to english...

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LordVater @ Project Zomboid

I can ask for a refund? I'm a game addict and I need my fix ... took too long waiting for an update of this great project

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LordVater @ New Beta and Demo Builds: New Content, the DMC, Economy Changes

Congrats, continue hardworking!

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LordVater @ Project Zomboid

You are quite right, I do not like making pressure, but on the other hand we must also understand that gamblers like us we spent hours and years looking games we impatient something as big as Project Zomboid. And more people being without resources or income have contributed our bit and we deserve a little meat at least as entertainment.

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LordVater @ Wishing you a very Zombie Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, look forward to the arrival of the new version and the new year 2013 will bring the completion of this great project.
Thanks for everything, I can not wait.

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LordVater @ DMC Preview

The first thing to try in the demo of the game was closer to the light and not being able, as I could buy the game just out of curiosity to see the civilization in the game, I could not really get in and if they could not in that version and that although the game is wonderful I have a big problem, language, my English is not very good and translate texts like the man who gives me the pass virtually impossible.
After congratulations and thank you for this great game I throw my question: will fit the possibility of future translations? because apart from improving my experience with it, give me the ability to share the game with several friends who would be completely willing to buy it, but only if it was in Spanish.

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LordVater @ Of farming, spectacles and meta-shenanigans

when we gonna get the new alpha? With all the new inventory, menu etc...looks good but i like to play it!

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