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Hello there! I just want to say I really love your Edain Mod and I even gave it a 9 of 10 review clarifying what I like and how I think it can be better. But also in this comment I must say, I played the Mordor faction very extensively and I noticed when I take an Outpost I am able to turn it into a Minas Morgul citadel or a Dol Guldur one. Lovely idea, but my main issue is that I cannot play an independent Haradrim & Easterling faction or even utilize any kind of Haradrim fortress and Easterling fortress options that work like the Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul options I utilize all the time in my plays of Mordor. So I have to ask, as a user of version 4.3 of this mod, will there be a future Beta that allows Mordor players who take outposts to turn them into Haradrim forts or Easterling forts, as options 3 and 4 of what build besides an outpost? If so, I would be so grateful as to keep on playing Mordor again forever! Thanks.

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Good day Sir,

My name is Dimitris from Greece and huge fan of BFME and Edain Team!
I play mod since you first released it but since my last format I cannot. Well, I don't have much knowledge soy could you help me?
I installed the game(TROWK), I installed the launcher and made all the updates.
Unfortunately when I run the game, a message appears which says that DirectX 9 or newer is required and I should check if the hardware acceleration is disabled.
I installed again the DirectX 9 and checked the hardware acceleration which is enabled.
Is there anything else I should do?
I would very much appreciate it if you could spend some minutes to help me.

Thank you very much, Dimitris

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Hey Lord_of_Mordor, was wondering if the untis for Gundabad, when upgraded with armour look like the Orcs, more or less as in the last movie of The Hobbit trilogy.

Because they are Gundabad, but the pictures as shown here,, for The Road to Edain 4.0: Misty Mountains, Part Two shows them Depicted with barely any armour on.

Just curious because Basically everything in this, the Best Mod, is in corolation with the Lore and Movies of both Trilogies.

Really enjoy this game and all its work. Every Faction and map are enjoyable to play. Thank You again for all that you have Done.

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I have some kind of a tips for the elves and the dwarves:
Could you instead of having mirkwood as a supporting faction for lothrien you could make an own faction called Elves of the wood where you could choose between mirkwood and lothlorien (having Imladris as an own when that comes). And could have ballistas from the the battle of the five armies extended edition instead of the catapult, eaither just for the ironhills or for all the dwarves. Could you also make the war wagon with more goats, as in the movie, 2-4.
Btw you are the best modding team of all games of all time. you made bfme rotwk 100000 % better. Especially when the new dwarves are coming.
And plz make more units for the mirkwood. And make the imladris units silver and gold for the upgraded verision. And please have more horses for imladris, the one we see in a short time in the hobbit an unexpected journey. Also horse bowmen.
Long live edain!

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i had the honor to speak with you lord sauron i need your help for edain mod plz

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Mae'govannen(hello) Lord of Mordor I am just an elf of rivendell and come to destroy you Enemy Sauron. Anyways I come to congratulate you on your mod and great stuffs in it. I see them complaining and blah blah blah but for me your mod is the greatest of the mods of LotR:Bfme 2 Rotwk. And by the way if you don't want me to destroy you just give me powers so that i could overthrone Elrond. Namarie(Farewell)

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Hey all,

I've been trying to get someone to help me with this issue I’m having with Edain 4.0, every time I create an army (roughly 1500-2000 units) and set them to attack the enemy base, the game crashes giving me these two errors...

"Direct3D error 0x0x800x700e (E_OUTOFMEMORY)"


"Runtime Error! Program: ...Lord of the Rings BFMEII Rise of the Witch King/game.dat"

I have reinstalled the game and mod far too many times to count (but turns out the base game works perfectly fine, so its just the mod), please help me with this, I’m pretty sure it’s not my hardware because I bought a new laptop which can handle pretty much any game and mod, it’s just this mod that it can’t handle.

I’m asking anyone with the knowledge to please help me. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long message.


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Alright so I realized that SweetFX was causing my game to crash, however, I'd rather enjoy it with SweetFX on, is there any fix? or way to make it work without causing errors and crashes? Thanks.

PS. Please respond, anyone, I just want an answer, any answer, I'd really appreciate it.

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