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I remember finding this mod, moving on from Nightmare House 2. It showed so much hope, and I was extremely excited for it. It had a lot of potential, and I could tell there was a high quality of production going into it.

Frankly, the demo / prologue was somewhat disappointing, not bad per say.. but it felt sub par from my expectations. SMOD, bunch of shooting. A cool house with random events, many of which I've seen in simple gmod maps. It was fun, but it did push me away, making me a little less excited for the full release. And when it did release, I actually didn't hear much about it, I only decided to download it recently.

And holy ****. Holy ****. HOLY ****.

Suddenly with the snap of your fingers you've managed to recreate a feeling, that I only got when I was little, playing resident evil or silent hill in the middle of the night, immense fear dreading through my veins. The story was, very lovable and engaging, it wasn't just a "oh no zombies" story, it was bigger. I can tell it's bigger, there's so much behind it. I really felt like I was dwelling into this storm Underhell has managed to create. And the characters are so real, props to your voice actors.

The gameplay mechanics were stepped up from those in the prologue, a very functional inventory system, where I felt I could actually put things to use, such as the radio traps. (Maybe not so much the glowsticks,only when I was in a tight situation) But it really did catch the essence of survival horror. Back tracking, and getting lost wasn't so much a chore, because I would constantly run into to enemy's to kill, or more often, enemy's to run away from.

I know I'm just one person, and my opinion is small. But I hope this review lets all of the creators of this game know that, they've made something really amazing, and special to me. Underhell managed to trigger a part of my childhood, and I thank the developers so much. Props to you.

Can't wait for what's to come. <3


Cry of Fear

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Good stuff.



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