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lirin Aug 21 2010, 5:48pm says:

Hello All.

I am tom, and i am from Poland, but anyway, you can know it cause you can check my profile.

I am a blind user, and i am playing many games, wich are playable for me.

Playable is very interesting, because what is playable for the blind user? well, especially 2d games, without many jumping elements, and the rest platforming, so i can play many arcade beat em ups, and many one on one fighters.

Reason? yep, this is very easy, i can't see what is on the screen, so i can't play a 3d games, targeting and shooting, driving a car, or doing many other things.

I found this mod for HL2, and i am very interested in it, and thinking about tray this one.

But, here's the problems started. I haven't a copy of HL2, and don't want buy it for one mod, this is really stupid idea.

But, if i'll can get this on, the game mechanic, and interface is probably not accessible for screen readers, so i am unable to run this mod properly.

Now i am writing to dev of this really good thing: Can you help me with it? make a open source project, outside the actual HL2, and let tray for me, and other blind people?

Great to hear someone, who wants to experiencing in that direction, really, cause nobody thinking about people with dissabilities, especially blind disfunctions.

I am waiting for your repplies, and hope to hear this in action soon.



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