Between Jedi and Sith, I choose Jedi; however, I would probably be best as a Gray Jedi. I would probably be a Jedi Consular. My robe would be all black and my lightsaber violet.

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0 comments by Larry-3 on Feb 22nd, 2014

Has anyone ever watched something and became jealous of how it is? For me that's Star Wars, Mass Effect, or any other type of future space type opera. In Star Wars you see people drive floating vehicles and pull out hand holographic communicators, and think little of it. In Mass Effect you have asari, and places like Omega and Illium. And I'm just on Earth like... hi. Wish I could travel the stars, go to amazing cities, flirt with hot aliens girls, and fight in amazing space battles.

Report abuse Renegade Squadron to Elite Squadron

0 comments by Larry-3 on Oct 23rd, 2012

I've had a few people tell me about Battlefront. I've played them all, seriously. From Battlefront 1 to Mobile Squadron all the way to Elite Squadron. I eagerly looked forward to Star Wars: Battlefront Online but seeing how it was canceled that was a big disappointment. Anyway I do get in some play time on the regular with Renegade and Elite Squadron so if you ever see me online feel free to join in, I usually play as the Rebel Alliance. My online GameSpy ID is Larry-three.

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0 comments by Larry-3 on Sep 7th, 2012

Alright so if your a true hard core Star Wars fan like me you're probably a wear of the different editions for episodes 4, 5, and 6. Well over the years I've heard meany different people say which ones they like. I'm going to share mine... mine is... the 1997 edition. Now I know some of you all are saying what's wrong with the 2004 edition and even more of you all are saying what's wrong with the original version. Well I'll tell you, but before I do I just want to say that everybody has their own taste and I respect that. If you like a different version then I won't say anything bad. We're all Star Wars fans and we all love it. I won't lie, life wouldn't feel complete if Star Wars wasn't there, now I'm not saying it's my whole life I'm just saying it's apart of it. If you want to know the rest; God, family, and my love for females are the rest. Anyway back on subject, I like the... 1997 edition the most because everything seemed more real and I grew up on it. I took a interest in Star War around 1998 and yes I've seen all version. In the 1997 version everything wasn't all CGI, and they didn't cut down scenes like they did in the 2004 edition. When I first hear'd that A New Hop, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi were coming to DVD I went out the first week a purchased them. I noticed how some things are good, some things are cut out, and some changes are just bad. Don't even get me started on the Blue-ray edition. Through it all I'm still to have Star Wars, I'm just saying, the 1997 edition is my favorite.

I'm going to rate the movies too, from my point of view of course.
The Phantom Menace - * * *
Attack of the clones - * * * *
The Clone Wars - * *
Revenge of the Sith - * *
A New Hope - * * *
The Empire Strikes Back - * * * * *
Return of the Jedi - * * * * *

If you know the BBY/ABY timeline and the Era's then you'll know what I'm talking about.
5 BBY to about 30 ABY and all in between would be my favorite time period.

If you know the time period by the dates I just stated the you should already know what time periods I'm talking about. If you don't then I'll state them and rate them too.
Rebellion era - * * * *
New Republic era - * * *
New Jedi Order era - * * * * *

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5 comments by Larry-3 on Jul 19th, 2012

Favorite music
* R&B
* Soul
* Hip Hop

Favorite factions
* Galactic Alliance
* New Republic
* Alliance to Restore the Republic

Favorite video games, media... ect.
* Star Wars (All)
* Halo (2, ODST, 4)
* Assassin's Creed (II, Liberation, III)

Favorite mods
* Alliance at War
* Thrawn's Revenge
* Republic at War

Favorite colors
* Violet
* Black
* Silver

Report abuse Another Empire at War Expansion

0 comments by Larry-3 on Feb 24th, 2012

Petroglyph should release another Empire at War Expansion. This time without another back story like Tyber Zann. I want to fight in the Yuuzhan Vong War or the Dark Nest Crisis. I don't really see the point in playing the Clone Wars, we all know the out come and what the Republic transformed into. I don't even really like the Era as much anyway. After the Empire took it's major defeat at Endor it's was just a matter of time to see how long it took them to realize that suffered to big of a loss. So who all agrees with me that they should release another one?

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