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krkest Nov 30 2012, 9:38pm says:

A little more twiking on the single player before game menus and selections to make it easyer to use and understand (i didnt find the race's selection before 5ft game) and the bots are quite hard if 1v1 :S
1 win after 4 games :S and my track record (versus pc) is 95% of wins on RTS games(all of the rts games there).

But for a open project this game is fantastic (Y)
hope u do well, i most defenetly will recomend it to othrs, but i still have to tell them this is a alfa so it's theyr own ristk..
It has crashed on me too 1 time quite baddy, but i manage to bring windows to life again.

Good engine but at aboat 1500 units + buildings it slows down aloooot (on my core i5) and please eliminate the 25 defence tower limit or make it so that u can build 10 or 15 of them for each town hall of whater the main building whas..

Hope u get to do the small things soon , and hope to see a beta relace hoppefully beginning of next year ..

PS does someone know where to wote here ?

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