i hate movies, TV, and everything else that is not interactive (except podcast, there OK) BTW, my steam id is un!ted, check me up

1 comment by kra2us on Aug 9th, 2008

O.K. maybe it inst the best place to say this, but its true. There is so much crap out there. More crap than goodness. Have you played lost planet recently? its absolute crap. and now there making a movie out of it! Its terrible!

But what about Unreal, Command and Conquer, and the ever popular Half-life 2? And who can forget the amazing PC crunching Crysis? Well, they are the crap with icing. Have you ever herd the term icing on a turd? Take Command and Conquer for example. Its a fun game, but beneath the coating of flashy graphics and dramatic actors, there is a relatively crap storyline and a one strategy online tank rush.

Notice I never said that i hate games, i just think every game has a center full of crap. some covered with more icing than others (Crysis), and others just a blatant piece of crap (Lost Planet). So i just try to lick as much icing off as I can without swallowing the whole turd.

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