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Kit630 @ samurai_jazz

The graphics are nice, the gameplay looks fun as well. And I hate to nitpick also but "realistic" is a term that should be avoided. I think it invites expectations that are very difficult to meet, for one. And I think the single attack animation will put people off.

That being said, if the music is as lovely and retro as the graphics, (and perhaps what would tip my final decision even more is if there was just a bit more variety to the combat) I'd be willing to give it a try..

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Kit630 @ Wanderlust: Rebirth

So what you're saying is that you don't believe that the logical fallacy of "But everyone else is doing it!" (Appealing to tradition and/or the majority) is valid? Shame on you! ;D

History shows that the majority is generally right. What do you mean the world isn't flat? Burn the witch!

Jokes aside, I don't mind not getting the steam key free either. I've enjoyed your game, I've enjoyed watching it grow. I purchased a copy directly from the site and I'm not going to whine if I want it on Steam or Desura, because like you said, it can just be added to the library anyway.

I'll admit that I'm not going to buy it twice because mainly I'm broke, but I do think support of indies is important and I say kudos for sticking to your guns on it. If anyone has sour grapes, they really ought to realize that this is what Indie Developers do to put food on the table. Yea, sometimes it's a hobby or for fun, but sometimes it's for a living.

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