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[killz] 23hours 33mins ago replied:

Yeah, Yeah, I just copy paste the other games, okay... even if I did't play in Metro
Just remember guys, that not everything in the world should be compared with games.

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[killz] Apr 20 2014, 9:47am replied:

I think I can manage with it

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[killz] Apr 20 2014, 7:32am replied:

About what changes are you talking about, mate?

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[killz] Apr 16 2014, 1:11am replied:

You can use your PM for communicating with friends. But if you want chat in this group here you go

+3 votes     group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Apr 15 2014, 3:02pm says:

PLEASE do not turn comments section to chat. For this purpose there is private messages.

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[killz] Apr 15 2014, 1:23am replied:

Maybe better use forums for such questions?

+2 votes     group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Apr 15 2014, 12:50am replied:

actually yes

+7 votes     article: 2014 update #2
[killz] Apr 14 2014, 5:04pm replied:

The GAME even have original voice actors

+6 votes     article: 2014 update #2
[killz] Apr 8 2014, 2:57pm says:

nice lighting

+2 votes     media: Once upon a trench...
[killz] Mar 31 2014, 1:49pm says:

tex_morph foreva!

+4 votes     media: Camo Kit
[killz] Mar 30 2014, 1:23pm says:

Ground bump and parallax is nice feature, but in as2 it's overused. It's just too deep, more soft/low textures will be more realistic.

+2 votes     media: Parallax on road.
[killz] Mar 30 2014, 7:38am says:

Masterpiece, as always.

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[killz] Mar 10 2014, 11:38am replied:

mdern warfre is suk.

+1 vote     game: Men of War: Assault Squad
[killz] Mar 8 2014, 12:55pm replied:

The end part of your message is 10/10 and your mod is definitely deserves 10/10. In summary you have 20 points of awesomeness.

+5 votes     download: Resident Evil Alternative Chronicles v1.1
[killz] Mar 5 2014, 7:00pm replied:

BrunoU8, you are so slow, mate, soooo sloow

+4 votes     media: 2 Days Remaining
[killz] Feb 28 2014, 6:15am says:

Very nice, but destruction must be turned off, otherwise after grenade explosion it will looks not that cool

+2 votes     media: Trench design
[killz] Feb 9 2014, 3:53am says:


+3 votes     media: The Dubstep Gun
[killz] Feb 3 2014, 7:16am says:

I am not moralfag or something like that, I don't give a **** about dicks or boobs in games, this is natural, and realistic. But in this case this looks some kind weird and stupid. Simple questions: Why should clones have a ****? They are has the possibility of reproduction? On my opinion better remove it.
Also the symbiosis of this metal head with body is to low, just a security camera that is replaced the head. I think it need more massive symbiosis, maybe the metal spine?
Otherwise, I like this concept, especially the first trooper.

+4 votes     media: clones "surrogates"
[killz] Jan 26 2014, 7:19pm replied:

В Китае живут на несколько порядков выше чем в капиталистической рашке и убогой корумпированной Украине

+2 votes     media: Communism - the enemy of the people!
[killz] Jan 26 2014, 4:53pm replied:

yes, in the editor

+1 vote     mod: SirHinkel's skirmish Missions
[killz] Jan 23 2014, 6:45am says:

The skull print need to be more "badass" in my opinion. Otherwise helmet looks pretty good

0 votes     media: CSA Helmet
[killz] Jan 21 2014, 10:12am replied:

Yeah mate, this game was my inspiration :)

+1 vote     media: Want some supply, kid?
[killz] Jan 11 2014, 6:51pm replied:

Thank you for so nice feedback.

+3 votes     download: Default 2.0 theme for GEM 2 Editor
[killz] Jan 11 2014, 10:35am says:

8 months for the attempted murder of the Lord Regent of a capital city, quite democratic kingdom you have there :)
Nice visuals, good luck in development!

+1 vote     mod: The Assassin From Kalamar
[killz] Jan 11 2014, 6:10am replied:

I am pretty sure that it is sewn into the engine code, and can't be edited.

+1 vote     game: Men of War: Assault Squad
[killz] Jan 10 2014, 7:38am replied:

He actually says that's zombie sucks. He want you to make more WW2 stuff of 1941, instead of zombies missions. I am think that he want you to make this work instead of him on such stuff. It is so similar to the MoW community =(

Ju-87, запятые для унтерменьшев, я так пологаю?

+2 votes     mod: U.N.I.T. MOD
[killz] Jan 10 2014, 5:55am says:

They are want to dance with you, what are you waiting for?!

+2 votes     media: New Fx
[killz] Jan 10 2014, 5:35am replied:

If you talking about a 10 man squad, then you can't change this amount.
All set up's for multiplayer are located in this folder "gamelogic.pak\set\multiplayer"

+3 votes     group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Jan 6 2014, 6:59pm says:

really good job, as always!

+3 votes     media: VES Advanced Rifle test
[killz] Jan 3 2014, 3:44am replied:

In main folder of the game

+2 votes     article: Basic GEM Editor hot keys
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