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[killz] Oct 22 2014, 6:30pm replied:


+1 vote   media: ivan wtf you do in these round room? get out!
[killz] Oct 14 2014, 5:11pm replied:

Online game, mates.
It's named outfront because the MoW and russian name of the game are property of 1C, that's why.

+1 vote   group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Oct 13 2014, 8:36am says:

This is sooo ******

+7 votes   media: Combine Speech!
[killz] Sep 21 2014, 11:36pm says:

Call to Moms. It can be good tactic simulator, but no, it will be ...

+1 vote   media: Call to Arms
[killz] Sep 21 2014, 3:00pm says:

this is fov, mafaka

+4 votes   media: wtf did i jus do
[killz] Sep 21 2014, 5:52am replied:

You need to set delay (something about 0,5 sec.) on start of a mission, before any scripts or events starting.

+2 votes   group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Sep 13 2014, 1:24pm says:

flying buildings its ok, on war

+1 vote   media: Kharkov
[killz] Aug 30 2014, 3:54am says:

Guys, don't **** me off, just left some info here. Go to the chat (forum) for ask questions and get the answers there.

+4 votes   group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Aug 27 2014, 6:58am replied:

maybe a HQ?

+2 votes   media: barracks stuff out1
[killz] Aug 23 2014, 4:13pm replied:

Thanks mate:) Just for now I am trying to survive, but yeah, i am working on something, maybe I make some announcement later.

+1 vote   media: just 1000 years after us
[killz] Aug 23 2014, 4:03pm replied:

oh, lol. evanp, your comments are soo meaningful

+1 vote   media: just 1000 years after us
[killz] Aug 11 2014, 11:07am replied:

Ah, you little bastard, I... I make a new one, when I comeback to homeland, thats for sure.

+4 votes   group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Aug 10 2014, 12:49pm replied:

No, you can only copy the objects from one map to another, but you need to recreate terrain with hands

+2 votes   group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Aug 3 2014, 10:51am says:

Nope. Mod in state of heavy rebuild. And frozen for now, becouse of current situation on my homeland.

+2 votes   mod: The End Game
[killz] Jul 20 2014, 9:12am replied:

Human eyesight work in real life almost exactly the same, maybe with less intensity, but you just don't give a so much attention to that, because this is your eyes, not a monitor screen.

+1 vote   media: Our home#1
[killz] Jul 4 2014, 1:10am replied:

Thanks, Cule.
Actually this is a 3d model with some parameters. This is test variant, I am still thinking about how it may look like and about pre-set functions for it.

+2 votes   media: Kill these cows pls
[killz] Jul 3 2014, 1:54pm replied:

I show in here only 2 mods, mate. The one for Far Cry I stopped mainly because of technical reasons. The End Game just bored me and I decided to take a break but I am determined to finish it anyway. Also I have about 7-9 ideas and developments for mods that stay in shadows. So, as for me, it's just normal creative process.

+2 votes   member: [killz]
[killz] Jul 2 2014, 4:32am replied:

We are people too, and sometimes do not have time or forget to check the forum, so just wait. Also asking questions here leads to confusion as the comments are not working properly, and gather to the flow of confusing information.

+4 votes   group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Jun 28 2014, 2:59pm replied:

Maybe this is answer? "Cannot link not game_entity object"
So when it happens?

+1 vote   group: GEM 2 Editor Fan club
[killz] Jun 21 2014, 5:09am replied:

You're right on one side. But I think it is not necessary be hysteric about it. Everyone helps the developer how he wants. Someone helps through words, someone helps through work, someone helps through donation. Nobody forces you to donate money, mod is still free.

+1 vote   mod: Men of War : Totaler Krieg 1939-45
[killz] Jun 20 2014, 6:36pm buried:


Guys come on! Your anger replies don't change anything. Maybe lots of reasons about why mod is become a game, of course the biggest reason is a money. The separation of the game on 3 parts is mainly because a Steam and Best Way commissions, maybe devs want for their work not only +-20% from actual price .A 1C was developed and sell a some sort of mods so-called "games" for MoW, and you buying it, but when it comes to MoW mod, you say:"WTF?", quality of this mod maybe even higher in some aspects than in 1C games. This is business already and price is determined not only according to the will of developers now.
You need to understand developers and their goals, it is impossible to look at everything from the one point: "Those bastards want to cheat and steal from us!"
That's what I think.
*I feel like a pile of **** flying at me*

-5 votes   mod: Battle of Empires : 1914-1918
[killz] Jun 20 2014, 5:51pm replied:

Donation is optional, personal gift, it's not a price. Why not? Making mods is very very hard unpaid work, why some person can't make a donation for hard working developer? This is private affair of everyone. So you can go walk with your "No donations for mods" opinion.

0 votes   mod: Men of War : Totaler Krieg 1939-45
[killz] May 25 2014, 9:22am replied:

You forgot to send him a localization files.
MoW folder\localization\mission\your map files

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[killz] May 25 2014, 3:40am replied:

In main folder of the game, dude

+1 vote   download: Default 2.0 theme for GEM 2 Editor
[killz] May 24 2014, 3:42am replied:

This not the final version of the interface. But yea, in my opinion nothing should distract you from your work. And another reason is I just not a fan of such interfaces: , we are not living in times of Windows NT

+1 vote   media: Demo (detals in the desc.)
[killz] May 16 2014, 2:35am replied:

Oh, okay. I will try to make a tut during the week

+1 vote   article: Basic GEM Editor hot keys
[killz] May 13 2014, 5:44am replied:

Hey Ricki, for ripping stuff you can use this: . And there are tuts about exporting:

+3 votes   member: [killz]
[killz] May 12 2014, 5:46am replied:

turn off the full screen mod in game options

+1 vote   article: How to create a minimap
[killz] May 12 2014, 4:50am replied:

You can't modify the triggers.

+1 vote   article: Basic GEM Editor hot keys
[killz] May 8 2014, 1:06pm says:

Looks nice (because of music and not bad environment) but need a lot more work here.

+2 votes   media: STALKER THE ZONE
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