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Keksz Mar 27 2015, 9:40am replied:

Yeah I know what you mean but sometimes you want to show these things in like...cutscenes? The price isn't high for a few more polys. Machines are capable of a whole LOT more polygons today.

I mean the area of the engines and the lower body and the lower tail section. It looks like unsmoothed objects with low poly and hard egdes. There are no such sharp edges in reality even if the design is angular. Looks a bit odd if one site is highlighted and the next to it is already casted in shadow. Yes I know it is also because of the game engine to some degree too.

Also ain't AC3 designs (to be more specific the R-Series) made to look smooth and organic with dynamic airflow control or something like that?

+1 vote   download: R-505U (AI)
Keksz Mar 27 2015, 8:23am says:

Model could have used a bit more polys even if it is just a NPC... but hey it's nice anyways :)

+1 vote   download: R-505U (AI)
Keksz Mar 23 2015, 3:54pm says:

Yes that was needed.

+1 vote   download: R-103 Delphinus III and R-99A Forneus fix
Keksz Mar 6 2015, 7:55am says:

Awesome - is it playable or how does it appear in the game?

+1 vote   download: R-701 Triakis
Keksz Mar 2 2015, 1:33pm says:

Wow thats awesome!

+2 votes   download: Su-35S Scarface custom aircraft
Keksz Feb 4 2015, 2:20pm says:

NIce! I remembered I created one a long time ago too with a friend:

+1 vote   download: XFA-36A Game
Keksz Jan 17 2015, 9:12am replied:

There is nothing from Turbosquid in this.

+1 vote   media: GLA Cobra Tank
Keksz Jan 16 2015, 9:45am says:

Well the Floor looks pretty wet and grungy. A bit too much reflection and bump mapping.

+1 vote   media: Modern Living Room
Keksz Jan 16 2015, 9:41am says:

I EVE what you did there.

+1 vote   media: EU Arbalest MLRS
Keksz Nov 5 2014, 6:55pm replied:

How dare you. Thats political incorrect. I think you meant Afro-American Napalm.

+18 votes   media: CHINA - LISTENING OUTPOST
Keksz Sep 27 2014, 7:57am says:

Can I still join the duty faction? I never had the ability to pay General Voronin the 10.000 RU to join them and make missions for them. It wasnt possible. Why???

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Keksz Sep 11 2014, 6:01pm says:

A ******* joke to call this a city. I even my neighbourhood on the countryside is bigger and I ain't even kidding.

(This is a rant about small maps)

+2 votes   media: My nicest city yet.
Keksz Aug 30 2014, 12:18pm says:

pls oh my goodness pls - say goodbye to 800x600 renders!
Apart from that it looks great.

+4 votes   media: Russian Industrial Plant
Keksz Aug 20 2014, 1:38pm says:

Tooooo swedish for a GLA member :o

+2 votes   media: Generals 3D model
Keksz Aug 17 2014, 9:40am says:

There is a new design???

+1 vote   media: Gonna miss...
Keksz Aug 13 2014, 8:08pm says:

Can't drive the car because it flips over...why??? It was fine the way it was???
How can I get to darkscape with the car from the monolith base. So frustrating :(

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Keksz Aug 12 2014, 5:58am says:

The one and only reason to reinstall EaW!

+1 vote   media: Awakening of the Rebellion 2.6
Keksz Jul 27 2014, 7:50am says:

Thats a nice one....but the street over there is pretty small??? just saying

+2 votes   media: EEA Ukraine "Dozor B"
Keksz Jul 5 2014, 7:47am says:

Hobby Fighter? LOL.

+6 votes   media: APA Oriental Hobby Fighter
Keksz Jun 29 2014, 2:23pm says:

Lovely but indeed they do look a bit floating...

+3 votes   media: Icy Planes
Keksz Jun 28 2014, 8:20pm says:

It looks a bit low tech for such a high tech unit. Nice idea though. Reminds me of RA3.

+2 votes   media: European Fenris Cryo Tank
Keksz Jun 28 2014, 8:09pm says:

You guys should really add a tl;dr section to say short what every unit does.

+3 votes   media: European Anvil Bot
Keksz Jun 28 2014, 1:58pm says:

Amazing stuff man...considering the situation where you live I am really amazed at what you can achieve. Keep your head up man.

+2 votes   media: THE BLACK EAGLE :p
Keksz Jun 24 2014, 5:51pm says:

Thats pretty cool!

You used C&C generals textures for the road right?

+1 vote   media: I'm Really Proud of This Particular Render
Keksz Jun 4 2014, 4:43pm replied:

Some people still use 32-bit???

+4 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Keksz Jun 3 2014, 3:12pm replied:

yeah what I'm missing in this game is some HDR effects like eyes do it.
Look at the dark and bright spots burn into white and look into the light and everything is too dark. Like eyes adapting to the light obviously but in Stalker it is often just too dark

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha - Yantar
Keksz Jun 1 2014, 8:31pm says:

Iraq gets an Air Force established again?
I wonder why it doesn't get any desert camo.

+3 votes   media: The new face of IqAF
Keksz May 29 2014, 9:01am replied:

Yeah too bad I dont have enough memory space to download the game -.-

+1 vote   member: Keksz
Keksz May 24 2014, 8:28pm says:

Yeah...unlike honey badgers...They don't give a ****.

+2 votes   media: Badgers are friendly too !
Keksz May 24 2014, 8:27pm says:

BELKAN F-4 from Ace Combat?!

+1 vote   media: F4
Keksz May 3 2014, 8:35am says:

The new USA Combat Tunes have some sort of "Ace-Combat"-ish feel to them. Me likes!

+3 votes   article: Updates: Enhanced OST Part II
Keksz Apr 27 2014, 4:24pm says:

lol dat bike tho

+1 vote   media: Ukraine Hero
Keksz Feb 22 2014, 11:55pm says:


+6 votes   media: National Assembly army (WIP)
Keksz Feb 4 2014, 3:39am says:

You created so many models by now. How come you never improve your texturing? :S

+1 vote   media: Textures? Impossibru!
Keksz Dec 22 2013, 5:27pm replied:

Pretty sure it is pretty soon...maybe like last year :D

+2 votes   media: USA Nimitz Tank
Keksz Dec 22 2013, 4:42pm replied:

I think you asked that already once before on the previous version.
All I can say right now is like always: artistic freedom even though I get your point but it's just a nice name for a tank we think.

+3 votes   media: USA Nimitz Tank
Keksz Dec 2 2013, 5:07pm says:

Devils Tongue was the name of the flame tank in TibSun?

+1 vote   media: Nod Flame Tank Devil's Tongue
Keksz Dec 1 2013, 10:21am says:

Yeh is actually Pokemon.

+5 votes   media: stuff
Keksz Nov 29 2013, 9:55pm replied:

FB-22 Manta ...but both on the rear with the cut in the rear are new to me O_O

+1 vote   article: Super Aircraft Design Contest
Keksz Nov 25 2013, 6:50pm says:

Would be funny if they painted the outlines of a Raptor on it :D
Otherwise I dislike this style of painting. Top Notch aircrafts like this deserve a bad *** paintjob to build up some kind of myth and might around them like the Raptor does it with its dark patched paintjob. You know...physical warfare. Everyone has the mighty pictures of Raptors in his head. With a pale friendly paintjob like this you won't achieve something like this.

+4 votes   media: Pakfa new camo
Keksz Nov 9 2013, 4:47pm replied:

I think it is then a modeling error. Which was all the time not visible but suddenly it popped up. I think I can remember to have something like this too once...

+3 votes   media: ThxMayaBye
Keksz Nov 5 2013, 3:06pm says:

Little trick to improve your textures a lot: Overlay some metal textures. Various diffrent ones and play around with their opacity etc etc. And maybe reduce the saturation of the color. No color is every so bright on such a painted material...only if you would maybe polish it to death with feathers of angel wings xD

+2 votes   media: Thing about a 3D model is...
Keksz Nov 2 2013, 1:01pm says:

Looks pretty cool. Looking forward to this game.

+2 votes   article: Game Update 6: Initiating Team Domination
Keksz Oct 16 2013, 3:48pm replied:

I see but why bother with this **** at all? It's the internet. Don't let get that **** to you. It's just bits and bytes displayed on a screen. If that person trolls you. Ignore it. I wouldn't ruin my day because of some moron on the internet. That would be the last thing happening to me no matter how hard they try - as long as it doesn't get private up close and personal offline in the so called "real world" ;P

+3 votes   media: In remembrance of Sakura-Matou.
Keksz Oct 14 2013, 6:14pm says:

Looks like the cockpit of a Tornado

+1 vote   media: Challenge#18
Keksz Oct 6 2013, 12:52pm replied:

+1 vote   media: Z-11W
Keksz Sep 22 2013, 1:58pm replied:

lol lovely described. Hits the nail.

+1 vote   media: MURICA!
Keksz Aug 6 2013, 1:21pm says:

Never, never use TGA. There is no point in using it except some small exceptions by using channels etc.
But most games use .dds since more than 10 years for a reason.

+6 votes   media: DDS Textures
Keksz Aug 6 2013, 1:20pm says:

looks like a bad 'shrooms trip.

+6 votes   media: New war...
Keksz Jul 27 2013, 4:15pm says:

Still can't get over the fact that Link looks like a pretty nice girl on some pictures .___.

+4 votes   article: How does all hanging together?
Keksz Jul 9 2013, 3:57pm replied:

Oh right...well I did not know how the synthetic vision works but I almost thought already that it just scans the area and then builds a virtual enviroment which does explain the bad quality considering its 80s/90s tech. Must have one hell of a computer on board with that old tech.
Too bad it doesnt use real cameras but I guess those would interfere with the stealth aspects of the plane to have several lens cameras built around the cockpit.

+1 vote   article: Report 040: Mission editor Ready
Keksz Jul 9 2013, 3:52pm says:

yeah the bodys look really nice...

Oh btw I wonder where my UAV is and how it turned out? Might do some more work then ;P

+1 vote   media: The staying Dead!!! Dun dun dun...
Keksz Jul 9 2013, 9:06am says:

Thinking of buying this game with every update...damn this looks really cool now!

But on another note...was the synthetic vision really THAT bad in quality? I mean isn't a camera capable of better views? I would more expect a normal view with scanlines but not a 8bit graphic style :D

+3 votes   article: Report 040: Mission editor Ready
Keksz Jun 11 2013, 6:32pm replied:


+2 votes   media: Sentinel CIWS
Keksz May 28 2013, 4:45pm says:

Yeah I guess I would have made a few things better now but I think it's good enough :D

+7 votes   media: B-52 Stratofortress
Keksz May 18 2013, 8:11pm says:


+7 votes   media: TMS-65 Contamination Vehicle
Keksz Apr 21 2013, 4:31pm says:

I have never "shaheen" a unit like this before. Looks good.

+8 votes   media: Shaheen 2
Keksz Apr 21 2013, 12:20pm says:

I deinstalled my social life because it was boring. Needed the space for Battlefield.

+8 votes   media: messaging
Keksz Apr 21 2013, 10:15am says:

Tanks exploded a bit too much for me (like a small nuke in vgen) but the overall effect is stunning.

+6 votes   media: Tank destruction system prototype.
Keksz Apr 14 2013, 2:16pm says:

Every stupid aft comment shall be minus karma'd. It's seriously not fun anymore.

Lovely ship anyways.

-4 votes   media: Athens Carrier [Textured]
Keksz Apr 7 2013, 5:16pm replied:

Who the **** cares?

+5 votes   media: J-44 closing in on target
Keksz Mar 29 2013, 11:38am replied:

Make the logo just white then. It looks weird with those colors painted on it. Doesnt fit a stealth bomber.

+1 vote   media: Redone B-2 Stealth Bomber
Keksz Mar 11 2013, 7:56am says:

looks a bit too old and too much like a vacation house.
reminds me of the house in the fields where my grandma in russia lives.

other than that it looks cool!

+4 votes   media: Russian Command Center
Keksz Mar 1 2013, 8:28pm says:

Seem like we will be "have"ing a "blue" in the next update.

Also lol tukreb.
Love this game

+6 votes   article: Report 035: Ion Cannon
Keksz Feb 22 2013, 7:55pm replied:

yeah DoF

+3 votes   media: BTR-40B
Keksz Feb 21 2013, 7:59am replied:

Just what I wanted to say.

+1 vote   media: Poor Apache.
Keksz Feb 18 2013, 2:51am says:

Finally proper highways. I'm starting to love this game :)

+4 votes   media: More Generals 2 Magazine Scans
Keksz Feb 18 2013, 2:43am says:

Man your design and models are getting better and better and I really start to love this mod and would even offer my help if you need it to polish this mod even more. Keep it up man!

+1 vote   media: The Dodo Artillery Mech. (WIP)
Keksz Feb 14 2013, 8:53am replied:

Off topic but made me LOL...

+2 votes   article: An in-depth analyses of Iranian F-313.
Keksz Jan 28 2013, 3:05pm replied:

You just made one person very very very happy by asking that question. All I can say now is: ...we will see.

+5 votes   media: SWAT
Keksz Jan 28 2013, 2:31pm says:

Awesome! I don't regret yet seeing your switch to C&C 3

+1 vote   media: Notice Anything?
Keksz Jan 28 2013, 5:36am replied:

Thats true but they are quick and will be cheaper to build and come in squad numbers...maybe we even give them riot shields. It's still in planning phase.

Also enlist help of officers? What if GLA captures the building? Thats why we decided to put it that way that your soldiers just grab the equipment and put it on. No matter if US, China or GLA so thats why they all look the same.
It's just a game...

+14 votes   media: SWAT
Keksz Jan 19 2013, 11:39am replied:

yeah because having a old OS system which is not updated anymore with lots of leaks and no support for higher DX versions is totally smart :D

+6 votes   media: Windows 8
Keksz Jan 15 2013, 12:19pm says:

Is it just me or do Eggplanes really look hard on the eyes? It looks as if I would squint my mindfuck >_>

+2 votes   article: Report 032: Map Editor Upgrade
Keksz Jan 11 2013, 7:49am says:

Man I love your trucks lol

+1 vote   media: EF Rhineland Guard WIP.
Keksz Jan 6 2013, 5:52pm says:

Too bad the picture is so small...
Looks cool anyways!

+1 vote   media: Engineer Infantry. WIP
Keksz Jan 6 2013, 3:45pm replied:

You got it!

+1 vote   media: GLA Scorpion
Keksz Jan 4 2013, 10:12am replied:

Buildings will be changed later when all units and stuff like that is changed until we like it because buildings are very hard to implement. Maybe we will then change the SCUD to something else for each general.

+1 vote   media: Topol S Launcher
Keksz Dec 29 2012, 5:34pm says:

Well we force nobody to use facebook! You will get your mod anyways. We're just updating what we are doing right now and so on. Currently working nonstop on the final assets and little bugs. Hang on!

+4 votes   media: New Stuff
Keksz Dec 21 2012, 6:37am says:

nice job!

+2 votes   media: Mammoth WIP
Keksz Dec 11 2012, 10:10am replied:

What the...dude...sry Smeu but you can't share the whole thing just because it is in that mod - it is still Helges right to agree on it. You STILL have to ask and not make some kind of weird agreements with someone.

+3 votes   media: Plan of war....
Keksz Dec 10 2012, 6:01pm replied:

Ivan. Did you ask Helge129 for the B-52 model? Yes or no?

+2 votes   media: Plan of war....
Keksz Dec 10 2012, 4:26am says:

What is this huge bomber jet thing? Looks cool although a little bit empty...why don't your units have faction logos on it? That would spice it up a little

+2 votes   media: Progress pic. Upcoming units
Keksz Dec 9 2012, 11:59am replied:

lol I and I dont think helge either looked up at a Kamov for this one xD

+2 votes   media: GDI Orca - Re-texture by Keksz
Keksz Dec 6 2012, 3:41pm replied:

ah yes!

+3 votes   media: Type-95 SPAAA
Keksz Dec 2 2012, 9:59am says:

lolwtf xD

+1 vote   media: a dream came true !!!
Keksz Nov 29 2012, 4:47pm replied:

Alien? There are no aliens these are piloted by humans :P

+2 votes   media: TIE Fighter textured
Keksz Nov 28 2012, 3:45am replied:

It's called Teamwork :D

but yeah he really has no life... ;P

+2 votes   article: VRM 0.4 update 27/11/12
Keksz Nov 23 2012, 7:03pm says:

3.5 generation? What are they going to shoot down? Crop planes?

+1 vote   media: F-7BGI
Keksz Nov 23 2012, 7:01pm says:

Boarding a UFO?

+1 vote   media: Can anyone tell me......
Keksz Nov 20 2012, 2:55pm says:

Glad you fixed it. Guys like me freak out about such small stuff. For me actually thats one big bug :D
Goob job!

+14 votes   media: LightSource layer bug fixed.
Keksz Nov 18 2012, 6:52am says:

What am I looking at???

+5 votes   media: GPS Malfunction
Keksz Nov 15 2012, 11:38am replied:

heeey don't say that...


Although yeah I would like to see a F-117 from you too. No it's not a stupid request just thinking out loud.

+2 votes   media: Navlights for WZ-10
Keksz Nov 14 2012, 6:34am replied:

Yeah? Ok where?

+2 votes   media: FB-23 Condor
Keksz Nov 13 2012, 10:18am says:

Thats my little roachie.

Good job it looks damn fine.

+2 votes   media: Harrier wireframe
Keksz Nov 11 2012, 9:44am says:

It looks european :/

+6 votes   media: USA Valanx
Keksz Nov 10 2012, 8:37am replied:

lol now that you mention it...

+4 votes   media: Crystal Styled "C&C 3 TW" Logo
Keksz Nov 5 2012, 10:11am replied:

You mean on the font or on the edges of the image?

Thanks but I can do all effects by myself...with photoshop :D

+4 votes   media: Visual Reality Mod - Logo Concept
Keksz Oct 30 2012, 10:54am replied:

maybe just add slightly some white color on a lower opacity on the edges of the buildings to highlight the edges

+1 vote   media: Pushing hard to release.
Keksz Oct 15 2012, 4:06am replied:

So whats your problem this time?

+23 votes   media: "This is our territory"
Keksz Oct 14 2012, 8:02am replied:

damn it...can't unsee anymore ...

+2 votes   media: ADA-01 Adler base geometry
Keksz Oct 6 2012, 9:30pm replied:

Oh okay thanks!
I don't speak chinese I just used what google gave me :D

+2 votes   media: People Liberation Army
Keksz Oct 2 2012, 4:16pm replied:

nice :)

and light effects done in photoshop? (except the daylight system)

+1 vote   media: Revamp battle scean 1
Keksz Oct 2 2012, 2:18pm says:

the enviroment is 100% 3ds max right?
how did you create such terrain?

+2 votes   media: Revamp battle scean 1
Keksz Sep 30 2012, 7:20am says:

Well but this looks ******* awesome.

+1 vote   media: USA Sniper
Keksz Sep 23 2012, 7:00am replied: +2 votes   media: I Don't Even . . .
Keksz Sep 22 2012, 2:24pm says:

You surely watch some interesting stuff...have you tried Boku yet?

+2 votes   media: I Don't Even . . .
Keksz Sep 21 2012, 1:54pm replied:

whats the problem?

+1 vote   media: September 2012 Update & Logo/Style change
Keksz Sep 16 2012, 7:17am says:

Hm, I like the old one more :/

+6 votes   media: China Guan Yu - Render 2 (old)
Keksz Sep 9 2012, 12:29pm says:

yeah the symmetry kinda looks off :/

+3 votes   media: LOGO
Keksz Sep 7 2012, 10:48pm says:

*fap fap fap*
...wait...thats not the picture I was looking for...

+3 votes   media: Dat A**
Keksz Aug 19 2012, 4:17pm replied:

so whats wrong with those huge landing gears??? looks odd

+1 vote   media: KA 58 (Beta)
Keksz Jul 31 2012, 3:47pm replied:

It all makes sense now...

+2 votes   media: Ore trucks
Keksz Jul 17 2012, 11:47pm says:

I see several chrashed A-10s in the water
Lovely detail :)

+1 vote   media: Map: Death From Above [2]
Keksz Jul 11 2012, 12:04am replied:

oh god you're killing me hahaha

+2 votes   media: Get The F Of My Lawn
Keksz Jun 30 2012, 11:53am replied:

It's not a's a Fox ;)
So there is no need for a GTK Boxer :P

+1 vote   media: C&C Untitled 2012 renders
Keksz Jun 29 2012, 11:01am replied:

It is from the movie "Real life"...

...wait what...

+9 votes   media: C&C Untitled 2012 renders
Keksz Jun 28 2012, 12:29pm says:


+1 vote   media: Mario-64
Keksz Jun 26 2012, 11:34am says:

infantry is already much much smaller than in default generals but we can't make the infantry even smaller otherwise they would be too tiny to see and making aircrafts bigger isn't possible either because then we would have to make the airfield bigger but that would conflict with gameplay :/

+2 votes   media: C&C Untitled 2012 renders
Keksz Jun 24 2012, 10:45pm says:

And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust

Well that sucks.

+13 votes   article: HaloRTS: The Final Update.
Keksz Jun 17 2012, 7:07am says:

those sharp canards look odd
otherwise pretty cool^^

+5 votes   media: Talon
Keksz Jun 6 2012, 3:06am replied:

he's just trolling xD

+4 votes   media: Missed
Keksz Jun 2 2012, 9:28am says:

Like a sir.

+10 votes   media: Quad bike
Keksz Jun 1 2012, 1:41pm replied:

dafuq lol

+2 votes   media: GLA Attack Helicopter
Keksz May 30 2012, 7:27pm says:

I would buy them for my women (yes yes it's an "e") if I had the money...

+1 vote   media: Weird or cool?
Keksz May 30 2012, 6:42pm says:

And in the end the granny always catches the thief...quiet weird.

+2 votes   media: Slow
Keksz May 23 2012, 6:48pm replied:

made me lol

+1 vote   media: Forky
Keksz May 16 2012, 11:55am replied:

Bradley HLV (heavy load vehicle)

Bradley ICE (improved combat equipment)

Bradley III

GCV (Ground combat vehicle)

+2 votes   media: High Distance camera
Keksz May 14 2012, 8:18am replied:

You can still rename it to "Heavy Bradley" or something like that. That would could explain that the design looks a bit diffrent.

+2 votes   media: High Distance camera
Keksz Apr 30 2012, 1:43pm replied:

well whatever floats your boat. tastes are diffrent and i dont want to argue about that^^
I just see it like that, that if I drive a racing game I either want to see my shiny car OR at least see the accurate interior. Everything else makes me feel as if I would drive always the same car especially in games like NfS where every car feels a bit the same.

+1 vote   media: The Admiral Plays: Need For Speed Most Wanted
Keksz Apr 29 2012, 2:19pm says:

The hood view ruined it for me :P
I play racing games only in 3rd person or true cockpit view everything else feels odd to me ^^

+1 vote   media: The Admiral Plays: Need For Speed Most Wanted
Keksz Apr 15 2012, 1:59am replied:

well idk why but I lol'ed...

+2 votes   media: Charon Frigate Ingame
Keksz Mar 25 2012, 8:35pm says:

as they say: less is more

+1 vote   media: New missile barrage
Keksz Mar 25 2012, 10:28am replied:


+2 votes   media: warehouse hero
Keksz Mar 23 2012, 7:27pm replied:

Seems legit.

+2 votes   media: WTF Is This?
Keksz Mar 22 2012, 8:34pm says:

lol I think the entrance doors are flipped.

+1 vote   media: Command Center EU....
Keksz Mar 17 2012, 5:39pm says:

dafuq? .__.

+2 votes   media: Screaming kids
Keksz Mar 15 2012, 6:19pm says:

I love how he rolls on his head even though is already kinda knocked out

+10 votes   media: This guy's such a pro
Keksz Mar 10 2012, 9:30pm says:

lovely detail for that scale

although the sniper rifle could use some more color (if its textured yet)

+1 vote   media: Some Weapons
Keksz Mar 1 2012, 7:03pm says:

lol I just noticed thats a huge scumbag hat there

+1 vote   media: That Pope sure is a Helpful Fellow
Keksz Feb 4 2012, 10:42pm says:

try serving a american meal with american measurments in europe...I tried...IMPOSSIBRU! >.<

+8 votes   media: Get with it America...
Keksz Feb 2 2012, 1:57pm replied:

Thanks :D
But don't forget about moddingrocks aka Kris. He's the great dear leader of this mod. Without him this stuff wouldn't exist ;)

+2 votes   media: Feb Update 2012 renders
Keksz Feb 2 2012, 12:53pm replied:

This is not a replace. Paladin still exists.

+2 votes   media: Feb Update 2012 renders
Keksz Jan 31 2012, 5:54pm replied:

Welcome to SWR mods - the place where fanboys karma rape your criticism :)

+20 votes   media: GLA Scud Storm
Keksz Jan 30 2012, 8:46pm says:

I actually always say toast and not bread to those slices of bread for toasting...

+1 vote   media: And another one of these...
Keksz Jan 22 2012, 8:28pm says:

lol dumb *** accidentally thought that the number 120 stands for 1minute and 20 seconds...

+1 vote   media: I don't want to live on this planet anymore
Keksz Jan 19 2012, 12:50pm says:

Chinese Hacker: "Nobody will notice their money is missing...wait...SOPA? dafuq?"

+13 votes   media: USA New Special Power
Keksz Jan 18 2012, 12:38pm says:

Ich finds lustig^^

+1 vote   media: lol
Keksz Jan 12 2012, 8:23am replied:

LOL....sad but true I guess

+5 votes   media: The tale of the violin player
Keksz Jan 8 2012, 3:11pm says:

LOL. There are germany funny comments.

+1 vote   media: Mind Blown
Keksz Jan 5 2012, 8:08am says:

It's a normal cat and the language is spanish and yet still people say russian? Dafuq? oO

+3 votes   media: Bueno
Keksz Jan 2 2012, 11:03am says:

man the matrix is already so freakin old. when I watch the movie the effects just look so cheap everyone can do in Adobe After Effects and I thought it was the **** I'm just getting old .__.

-3 votes   media: Matrix origami
Keksz Jan 2 2012, 10:49am says:


+5 votes   media: Being a Therapist
Keksz Dec 29 2011, 9:44pm says:

LOL...always nasty when you do this...and still you jerk off at your computer... so so nasty...

+6 votes   media: Don't try this at home...
Keksz Dec 28 2011, 2:08pm says:

if it doesnt use the turret then it really should be removed

+5 votes   media: BTR-60 "Battle Bus"
Keksz Dec 22 2011, 6:37pm replied:

Sure - where? Any ideas? I just followed the original concept of the RQ-170. It is true it is very gray but I dont know what else to add to it. Drones are just like this. Smooth and grey surface.

+2 votes   media: Scout Drone
Keksz Dec 18 2011, 1:22pm says:

did I just see that aircrafts explode in the air like if they would immediatly stop when destroyed? No falling debris model to the ground or shooting forward debris bits? Looks weird.

+1 vote   media: Video - F-35 and MiGs
Keksz Dec 16 2011, 1:46am replied:


+1 vote   media: bed
Keksz Dec 15 2011, 6:14pm replied:

You have a bed in your sentence.

+1 vote   media: bed
Keksz Dec 13 2011, 6:30pm says:

looks weird and not so terrorist like. especially those helicopters. bit too clean for my taste. the flak truck was cool though. >.>

+2 votes   media: GLA Units
Keksz Dec 12 2011, 8:59am says:

god that would be a nasty vagina if it had actually hair growing OUT of it...

+3 votes   media: This picture is...
Keksz Dec 7 2011, 9:09am replied:

maybe you saw it on facebook when I posted it there xD

+1 vote   media: Launch!
Keksz Dec 1 2011, 6:31pm says:

lmao I seriously laughed hard xD

+4 votes   media: Warning signs
Keksz Nov 21 2011, 9:38am says:

My girlfriend looks great and we often borrow some new games for the playstation 3 and game together and recently we played through Uncharted 3 and there were a lot of moments when she yelled "OMG WATCH OUT KILL HIM!"

It's a lot of fun and much more then playing alone :D

+2 votes   media: Gamer girlfriend
Keksz Nov 19 2011, 6:24am says:


+1 vote   media: Score!
Keksz Nov 11 2011, 9:28am replied:


+1 vote   media: TF2
Keksz Nov 10 2011, 10:36am says:

It's a fake

+2 votes   media: Whu r u?
Keksz Nov 10 2011, 10:30am says:

Maybe she just changed diapers? Doesnt look sooooo weird to me

+3 votes   media: WTF is going on here?
Keksz Nov 8 2011, 1:07pm says:

lol whats up with that weird protection on his head?

+1 vote   media: Petr Cech
Keksz Oct 29 2011, 2:40pm says:

the fire could be more trail like and not like a fireball sticked on a wing. I mean the air doesnt allow the fire to be like that.
Got what I mean? :)

Keep it up! I really like your changes!

+2 votes   media: Burning Big Plane Close Up
Keksz Oct 26 2011, 9:08am says:

I guess they will be doing it...

*puts on sunglasses*


+12 votes   media: Stranger danger
Keksz Oct 25 2011, 11:45am says:

shiiiit so now I have a chance of 1 in 6 to die? :0

+7 votes   media: Statistics
Keksz Oct 20 2011, 4:28pm says:

i'm not sure but I think it has something to do with **** sucking lol

+1 vote   media: invisible
Keksz Oct 20 2011, 12:06pm says:

where is the trolling?

+1 vote   media: Godfather of trolls
Keksz Oct 16 2011, 4:53pm says:


+4 votes   article: MOD OFFICIALLY CLOSED
Keksz Oct 14 2011, 1:51pm says:

why does he ******* get shot in the air on his chair? oO

+3 votes   media: Angel Beats! Populsion Engines
Keksz Oct 13 2011, 2:59pm says:

What the fog?! Now infantry gets visual stealth! I actually like that. You can position your troops near buildings or trees and the enemy won't notice

+3 votes   media: Snowy Trees and Heavy fog
Keksz Oct 11 2011, 3:06pm says:

Is that from contra mod? Do you have permission?

+1 vote   download: B52H available
Keksz Oct 10 2011, 3:58pm replied:

well it matters who your friends are xD
I don't have such retarded people in my friendlist...this is truely sad. Very, very sad.

+1 vote   media: Meteors
Keksz Oct 7 2011, 8:32am says:


+2 votes   media: Masculinity
Keksz Oct 4 2011, 7:31am says:

That looks pretty cool

+2 votes   media: something random
Keksz Sep 27 2011, 7:44am says:

so basically a MiG 1.44 without canards lol

+1 vote   media: MIG-90/14 bomber
Keksz Sep 7 2011, 6:54am says:

Thanks to all of you^^

+2 votes   media: U.S. Forward Base (Advanced shading)
Keksz Sep 3 2011, 9:09am replied:

so you mean I dont paint the panel lines on the diffuse map but rather I should just use the bump maps?
I consider this when doing renders like these but for ingame I think its better to paint them

+1 vote   media: YF-23A Grey Ghost
Keksz Aug 26 2011, 12:20pm replied:

but why is it brown? it looks strange :/

+1 vote   media: New Apache model and skin
Keksz Aug 26 2011, 11:40am replied:

huh...yeah...I did not notice that...what the hell is it?? o:

+1 vote   media: New Apache model and skin
Keksz Aug 20 2011, 12:59pm replied:

propably there will be also a snowy version. have to discuss that with the team

+1 vote   media: Firebase Work in Progress
Keksz Aug 14 2011, 7:26pm replied:

I think thats just because ingame everything looks a bit blurry because of the old graphics engine. It looks much more detailed in 3Ds Max render.

+3 votes   media: Blackhawk -WIP
Keksz Aug 2 2011, 12:59pm replied:

yep ;)
I decided the model could use real dimensions to look better and gave it also a new skin

+1 vote   media: Mini August update
Keksz Jul 29 2011, 12:08pm says:

looks like an egg is inside lol

+4 votes   media: Filled Wine Glass
Keksz Jul 29 2011, 10:54am replied:

he told me those are phoenix missiles

edit: "It's armed with 6 heavy air to ground missiles"
Thats what he said in the other pic.

+2 votes   media: AX-13 Phoenix
Keksz Jul 29 2011, 9:26am says:

hey helge your missiles lack a exhaust hole :P

+2 votes   media: AX-13 Phoenix
Keksz Jul 28 2011, 2:36pm replied:

thats not true. I have 1024x1024 in my generals!

+1 vote   media: LCS-2
Keksz Jul 27 2011, 10:39pm says:

wow thats just amazing! are those windows modeled or textured?? and what is the texture size?

+2 votes   media: LCS-2
Keksz Jul 27 2011, 9:13pm says:

Goldies...thats how I called them when I was younger with my friend when we played together Halo 1 Co-op. Aaaaaah memories - thanks :)
Looking great! :)

+2 votes   media: Zealot
Keksz Jul 26 2011, 8:41am says:

You guys dont see it? Well it's the ...ah...nevermind.

+2 votes   media: NProject Mod Screenshot
Keksz Jul 21 2011, 6:58am replied:

That doesnt make sense. It is not a 1:1 copy and it even has it's own texture also we don't go commercial so it's just arts stuff we do and even if we would do a 1:1 copy it wouldn't be forbidden.
I think it was the problem that the wallpaper was hosted on another site which may caused problems to them or stuff like that.

+4 votes   media: Falken Wallpaper
Keksz Jul 20 2011, 12:31pm replied:

but I did xD

+3 votes   media: Mini July Update Renders
Keksz Jul 11 2011, 11:43am replied:

One of my very early textures ;)

+1 vote   media: July update renders
Keksz Jul 11 2011, 9:50am says:

holy **** how many polys and tris?

+1 vote   media: Update -- Space Elevator Concept
Keksz Jul 8 2011, 11:16am says:

Wow it looks great ingame :)

+3 votes   media: B-1 Lancer
Keksz Jul 4 2011, 2:46pm says:

shockwave hurr durr durr durr :P

+4 votes   media: Demolition General Battle Bus
Keksz Jul 4 2011, 1:30pm says:

sry but I hate this thing. Always bugged me in my german version of ZH...

+3 votes   media: Demolition General Remote Car
Keksz Jun 28 2011, 9:55pm says:

Texturing? Sure I can help. Look into my profile gallery for reference.

+1 vote   media: We Need You!
Keksz Jun 26 2011, 3:54pm says:

A pillbox. Oh...yeah.

+2 votes   media: Superweapon General Pillbox
Keksz Jun 25 2011, 8:45am says:

I see your texturing skills are getting better

+6 votes   media: HKP 4
Keksz Jun 14 2011, 11:10am replied:

You know what I'm talking about ;P

+3 votes   media: NProject Mod Screenshot
Keksz Jun 14 2011, 9:16am says:

No Iron Dragon pics? D'aaaw :P

+1 vote   media: NProject Mod Screenshot
Keksz May 26 2011, 1:33pm says:

funny how the personel (look at the guy on the left with that red pole) don't mind that he almost made a 90° upwards landing and could propably destroy the deck ^^

+1 vote   media: Crazy su-33 landing on Admiral Kuznecov
Keksz May 18 2011, 10:32pm says:

cougar or puma...can't remember which one but it looks damn nice

+1 vote   media: New texture on Cybran mech
Keksz May 17 2011, 2:46pm replied:

yeah the Raptor looks like it got a few pounds too much on its fuselage lol

+1 vote   media: F-22 Tank Buster
Keksz May 16 2011, 9:53pm replied:

*plays with them*


+3 votes   media: May 2011 update
Keksz May 14 2011, 7:36am says:

well your aircrafts definatly look MUCH better than your ground units - texture wise :P

+1 vote   media: SR-71 Blackbird
Keksz May 8 2011, 5:56pm says:

that hmmwv on the top right is missing its shadows somehow. idk if its just a SAGE bug or model related ^^

+1 vote   media: Some Vehicles.
Keksz May 3 2011, 3:05pm replied:

will they have the usual sidewinders for every plane + special weapons like QAAM etc or just the special weapons?

+1 vote   media: Epic furball testing
Keksz May 3 2011, 2:18pm says:

but they will get weapon hardpoints, right?

+1 vote   media: Epic furball testing
Keksz May 1 2011, 5:16pm replied:

thx dude^^

+1 vote   media: A-10 Thunderbolt II
Keksz Apr 27 2011, 8:06pm replied:

lol easy - I mean I want to mod them ^^

+2 votes   article: United States Tech Tree
Keksz Apr 27 2011, 6:57pm says:

Impressive list - I would so love to take over the aircrafts part :D

+2 votes   article: United States Tech Tree
Keksz Apr 26 2011, 4:10pm says:

LOL that B52 is slower than infantry and flying super low xD
But yeah nice effects

+2 votes   media: Effects
Keksz Apr 25 2011, 10:23am says:

you better concentrate your work on land and air units and navy will be the last step or it will be too much work.

+2 votes   media: Visby
Keksz Apr 5 2011, 3:19pm replied:

not exactly :P

+1 vote   media: Moar pics from internal testing
Keksz Mar 2 2011, 11:39am says:

awesome work nman!

+2 votes   media: Chinese Spy Plane
Keksz Feb 25 2011, 10:30am says:

whats diffrent in the hospital and gla pic?

+1 vote   media: A Small Update II
Keksz Feb 8 2011, 3:00pm replied:

There is a lot more of those easter eggs in the final :P

+2 votes   media: Picture 2
Keksz Feb 7 2011, 2:51pm says:


+1 vote   media: What If No.6 - Modding Then and Now
Keksz Feb 2 2011, 12:08pm says:

You just took the original texture and made it sharper?

+1 vote   media: Hi-Res Supply Dock
Keksz Jan 30 2011, 7:23pm says:

sweet shovel lol

+1 vote   media: BRDM-3 Wild Raider Scout
Keksz Jan 27 2011, 10:57am says:

this almost looks like Halo 1... and thats awesome.

+1 vote   media: Hunters
Keksz Dec 17 2010, 4:12pm says:

looks like from cnc generals zero hour

+1 vote   media: B-2 Spirit
Keksz Nov 24 2010, 5:31pm says:

so i googled it and tried out to know what a ekranoplane can actually but I dont get it...does it just hover above the ground?? Aint that a bit stupid? How about hovercrafts?

+1 vote   media: Soviet Transport Ekranoplane Concept 1
Keksz Nov 24 2010, 8:29am replied:

bin deutscher ;P
coole artworks hast du da!

+2 votes   member: Keksz
Keksz Nov 11 2010, 1:04pm says:

mouth looks like from a carnivorous plant lol

+1 vote   media: this is what the aliens are going to look like
Keksz Oct 29 2010, 9:43pm replied:

yeah could be better indeed. the transition from main middle part and the tail is too smooth. looks like a fish. needs to be a bit more bulky in the middle but other than that - awesome

+5 votes   media: USA Medivac
Keksz Oct 20 2010, 2:39pm says:

so the US army uses these in future?

+2 votes   media: C&C3 Generals : Evolution - New Images
Keksz Sep 24 2010, 3:44pm replied:

suck on one of those crystals and you know why :P

+2 votes   media: Blossom Tree Support Power
Keksz Sep 20 2010, 2:31pm says:

bah I hate the nod battle lab design...but yeah your model is great...just hate the design :P

+1 vote   media: nod Tech Lab
Keksz Sep 3 2010, 7:12am replied:


+1 vote   media: Random Ingame shots
Keksz Jul 24 2010, 9:00pm replied:

your mom looks like a heavy cruiser...lawl jk
me thinks it looks like a station

+2 votes   media: Atkov Planetary Defense Station
Keksz May 24 2010, 5:55pm says:

the van...!

+1 vote   media: Trailer
Keksz May 16 2010, 5:18pm says:

bwah...don't do that again. my head spins...

+1 vote   media: Apex Studios Weekly Update 23/04/2010
Keksz Feb 14 2010, 1:39pm replied:

The one in the back next to the Me262 is a SU-25 Frogfoot and the you called SU-35 is a Su-27. The SU-35 got some small wings next to the cockpit.

+1 vote   media: Render
Keksz Nov 23 2009, 10:23am says:

lol...a bit fat, eh?

+1 vote   media: Airforce General's Assault Commanche
Keksz Nov 22 2009, 6:26pm says:

wow looks like from ace combat! :)

+3 votes   media: Western European Alliance Starchild
Keksz Sep 7 2009, 2:45pm replied:

Ace Combat 3? ^^

+1 vote   media: WMA Aurora final
Keksz Aug 15 2009, 8:32am says:

errrr...nothing new? but yeah, keep it up.

+1 vote   media: Expanded Options Menu
Keksz Nov 1 2008, 9:31pm says:

wooow It just looks so....normal ^^

+4 votes   media: USA M1A1 Abrams Tank
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