RTS, 3PS and driving games. all music (except the gangzta shee-it) dont code or dev, but love applying mods by others! chat about anything

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!!!karmenjell Nov 25 2015 replied:

so, how much euro do you think you have spent on this fantanstic set-up?

+2 votes   member: Kark-Jocke
!!!karmenjell Nov 23 2015 replied:

wow, very nice
i will have to work some BIG overtime to afford a kit like this

+1 vote   member: Kark-Jocke
!!!karmenjell Nov 18 2015 replied:

no, i mean in consideration of your processor, dedicated video card and RAM size.

i only have low spec really - i3 at 2.3ghz, nvidia 610m v4, and 6gig ram - athough the spec of my little lappy is VERY deceptive, as it DOES play many games that it "shouldnt", it is my 3rd ACER laptop - and i like them because pretty good spec at pretty low price -i was surprised that it plays GTA V - but for games like fallout 4, starwars battlefront, or mad max- i have no chance im afraid!!
am saving for new system as we speak.
SO, im just interested in a casual way of your system specs?

+2 votes   member: Kark-Jocke
!!!karmenjell Nov 13 2015 replied:


winning is the only aim ;)

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!!!karmenjell Nov 13 2015 says:

hey scott.
drawing from the experiences of a kiwi friend of mine, i would like to ask you a question.

on your travels to other countries (continents), how mad do you get when people ask you "So whereabouts in australia are you from?"

+1 vote   member: INtense!
!!!karmenjell Nov 13 2015 says:

hey karkie. for a guy who seems to have experience of a lot of games, i am just wondering the spec of you pc?
(the spec of you most powerful, if you own more than 1)

+2 votes   member: Kark-Jocke
!!!karmenjell Nov 13 2015 says:

also for "member who looks most like their avatar" (worth extra points IMO)

also happens to be extremely nice dude (worth extra points IMO)

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!!!karmenjell Nov 13 2015 replied:

ve vill crush you

0 votes   download: ROTR Patch 1.86 Release
!!!karmenjell Oct 26 2015 says:

..or at east create a torrent file for the mod, seed it, and offer the torrent file (or link) for DL here?
like others, im just not comfortable(or capable of)downloading from a site that just shows a tweety bird and a load of mandarin symbols?

+1 vote   download: Generals2 MOD beta v1.55[CN]
!!!karmenjell Oct 6 2015 says:

check out these

all waiting for a war that never happened. i would love a day there though, just to have a play around?

+1 vote   member: ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp
!!!karmenjell Oct 4 2015 says:

hey pal, hows it going?

+2 votes   member: ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp
!!!karmenjell Sep 28 2015 replied:


+3 votes   member: Sakura Matou
!!!karmenjell Sep 28 2015 replied:


+1 vote   member: !!!karmenjell
!!!karmenjell Sep 20 2015 says:

could you maybe please give a little detail on the kind of voices you require eg. accents? countries? styles? etc


+3 votes   news: YR:NW Voice Actors Required
!!!karmenjell Sep 20 2015 says:

hey their brother -looks like you had good clean out of you profile?

good to see you still active here mate.

regards, KJ

+2 votes   member: -HawkEye-
!!!karmenjell Sep 19 2015 says:

you STILL look like your avatar pal! ;)

+5 votes   media: Time goes on...
!!!karmenjell Jul 13 2015 says:

hey ted.
in not getting on the MODDB much nowadays,
but "hi" anyway

+2 votes   member: ʇɐuʞɐʇǝp
!!!karmenjell Jul 8 2015 says:

hey - good to see you back

+2 votes   member: Sakura Matou
!!!karmenjell Jun 24 2015 replied:

here is latest version, download and install


although, i did not know it was essential to run Rotr?
(please someone correct my comment if it IS essential)
eitherway - it is worth the install anyway

+2 votes   news: Patch 1.851 Development Update IV
!!!karmenjell Jun 24 2015 says:

not made a post on my own page for a while -

so a big "hello" to the friends i have made on moddb over the years


+2 votes   member: !!!karmenjell
!!!karmenjell Jun 15 2015 replied:

thank you. :)

+1 vote   download: ROTR 1.85 CAMPAIGN PACK
!!!karmenjell Jun 14 2015 replied:

so - after doing that, we play the campaign just by playing the maps in order?

+1 vote   download: ROTR 1.85 CAMPAIGN PACK
!!!karmenjell Jun 11 2015 replied:

@ PitSprots AND evilerink

yes, i would like some simple instruction on how to install and get to work also

+2 votes   download: ROTR 1.85 CAMPAIGN PACK
!!!karmenjell May 16 2015 replied:

re you last paragragh - is something that i have noticed too. seems that people in russia are realising that the grass isnt quite as green as they thought (or were promised), eh?

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
!!!karmenjell Apr 20 2015 says:

i hope, that because i live in england, that people do not think i (we) support the zionist/nato/us/petrochencko line against the ethnic rus people of eastern ukraine.

there is more and more of us who know the truth.

we (the peoples of UK and other euro) do not believe the lies of our goverment, and the lies against russia

more of us use "alternative" news sources. we see the truth of petrochenkos ruthless bombing and slaughter of rus ethnics in east ukraine.

please see us as enlightened people,... and not clones of our polititians

+2 votes   media: Flag of the "Sparta Battalion" (Novorossiya)
!!!karmenjell Apr 12 2015 replied:

same for me. as well as their super weapon, my base and forces are pasted by ECA artillery from all sides at what seems like an incredible speed (of production and deployment)

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
!!!karmenjell Apr 12 2015 replied:

same here. those eca are mean f**kers even on medium. their superweapon seems to appear in NO time amd begins to decimate your base and forces (it seems to concentrate on my factories and any army im creating)
like "seph" says, you have to build small cheap quick armies and rush them as soon as you can....but if you have to go through a pinch point to reach their base - youre in big trouble

+1 vote   mod: Rise of the Reds
!!!karmenjell Apr 12 2015 replied:

remember that. i only had an nvidia 9500gm with a 2 mhz prossesor in "those days"
fill a LOAD of tow equiped humvees with missile guys, and as soon as i launched an attack with them....everything (fps wise) just came to a stand-still virtually...just too many launch trails/impact blooms.
when i got a better system, doing the same thing just made multiplayer pointless and boring. you knew your enemys were planning the same thing, so just a boring race to make humvees & missile guys, & load the humvees.

i must admit, when practicing (ie playing the AI and exploring the new maps) it can be annoying that you cant use some of the "old tricks" - but as far as multiplayer (which,lets face it, RotR is designed for) the humvee/load changes are a good thing

+1 vote   news: Rise of the Reds Development Update
!!!karmenjell Apr 10 2015 says:

it is a MASTER of a mod. that AI is mean as F**k

thanks mate

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