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Mission Improbable

Mod review

This mod is just awesome!
This mapping, which I could hardly distinguis from a Valve's one...
I was about to write a piece of map that I liked most of all's an improbable mission!!! The lighthouse and the landscapes around, the dazzling views when you drive out of the tunnel in the buggy-car, the refugee camp in the tunnel...and...the COMBINE CITADEL! All those little details in it...oh gosh...
The ideas that are put so perfectly to life: this feature when you -pheeew...boom!!!- fly to the other side in a combine-rocket (or how should I call it?), all those scarry moments when some sombies suddenly appear...ooouch I just can't express how happy I was playing it!
And everything is done with such accuracy, precision and care that it does impress!
Thank you, dear mod developers!
T-h-a-n-k y-o-u very-very-very much!


Silent Escape

Game review

Your dark forest map is really impressive! The idea with cemetery though is too mainstream, but it did work! The line is pretty interesting, I really like it when I suddenly found myself in an unknown place and all that...well, thanks again!!!
I wish the mod was longer in general; and as the mapping is cool and if you keep it up in the way it is now - you'll definetely succeed!!! THANK YOU!

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