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Kacktus Sep 28 2013 replied:

Sounds like a plan. My idea of buildings structures would be more like a normal RTS game though: you issue the construction of a structure, and guys get to work carrying stuff to the site, and once all is there, boom.

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Kacktus Sep 27 2013 says:

I like what I've seen this far. But please, work on the controls. The whole left-click - right-click stuff is kinda confusing imho. Not in the general strategy control, but mainly when it comes to placing crafted objects (standard procedure in RTS games is left click to select building -> left click place / right click abort, what you're doing is left click abort/ right click place) and crafting stuff. The crafting menu in itself is something I find rather unusual and to some extent unneccesary in a RTS game.
Damn, this ended up sounding way more negative than I actually feel about it. Don't get it wrong, I like the game so far. It's really promising.

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Kacktus Nov 10 2012 replied:

The point of this project is to reimplement the engine. It is the executable of Morrowind. It is open-source. But using only the executable, you don't have a game. So you either need to create your own game starting from scratch using the OpenMW engine or simply use Morrowinds original data (which is copyrighted). I assume that people will start to create open-source files to use with OpenMW soon.
I hope I made that a bit clearer.

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