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justinvh Jan 24 2011, 10:01pm replied:

The BBQ page is interesting. Anyhow, hg and I had an argument over branching and I ended up going back to git.

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justinvh Jan 4 2011, 3:19pm replied:

Ah, well, I should have something going soon.

Right now I am doing testing under OS X, Linux (various flavors), and Windows 7. Once those all work then I will put out some packages for testing.

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justinvh Jan 2 2011, 10:22pm replied:

Thanks man :D

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justinvh Jan 2 2011, 10:18pm says:

So, quick update.


I've been working on nothing but RR the last few weeks. The major changes have been the build system, the weapon system, dedicated servers, and so on. I haven't built a new map or had time to. I've been programming every other **** there is with the engine.


Okay, I am going to clarify this once and for all.

RR is not a modern Rainbow Six. It is not my goal to make a modern Rainbow Six. I started RR because I can't play the original R6RS games without a lot of trickery.

I wanted to build something that is:
- Open Source
- Cross Platform
- True to the original game.

So, if I want yellow bars for interaction, I can damn well do it and I probably will. RR is for a sense of nostalgia and fun with some modern improvements. If you don't like it then it doesn't hurt my feelings. I am not out to make money or win anyone over :)

Since I have a ton of messages in my inbox asking me to remove/add things, here's the my final response to it:


Designing a game is already hard enough by myself. Leave me alone with what needs to be in the game. Everyone else that has supported and contributed anything from textures, models, or even just moral support: Thanks. You guys rock.

It'll be released, but **** if I know when :) Keep supporting. Thanks a lot.

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justinvh Jan 2 2011, 10:12pm replied:

I am not a weapon modeler nor do I care what the weapons look like in terms of their placement in the player's view (at the moment). It all can be changed.

I just use weapons that are easy to port and easy to test with. So, the DE in the videos won't be in RR -- It really makes no sense. However, it is easily the most modeled weapon and it's easy to test with as a result.

Weapons can be flipped in the view as well.

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justinvh Jan 2 2011, 10:10pm replied:

I've been working on RR non-stop since the beginning of break. No worries. If anyone has questions or comments it would probably be easier to either message me directly on Twitter ( or email (justinvh

I get on ModDB once in a while, but not enough anymore. I spend more time programming :)

Just try not to spam me.

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justinvh Jan 2 2011, 10:08pm replied:

The build system is very clean at the moment. It's technically possible for anyone to build it.

I've been working my *** off on RR over the break. I can't make any guarantees when it will be done since I am the only person working on it, but it will be there eventually.

I work in Valve time I think.

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justinvh Nov 4 2010, 2:28pm replied:

There's a good amount of work being rewritten to make the RR more developer-friendly and portable. You can keep an eye on it on GitHub for the latest information regarding the changes: and I occasionally mention woes and issues from Twitter:

I had to take a step back and realize that I was putting myself in a bad direction -- There have been a lot of changes, but, again, I am one guy and I have the college thing as well :)

My goal at the moment is to get the developer aspect down so people can actually check out the code without having to know the dependency mess. At the moment the GitHub port of the RR code is very easy to build and very clean.

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justinvh Oct 5 2010, 11:50am replied:

Yes, the renderer is xReaL. I would hold off till next news update. I am rewriting the build system, changing a lot of details, and making it more developer-friendly all around.

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justinvh Sep 29 2010, 5:04pm says:

Hey Psychomorph,

I am looking for longer-term testers for RR that can give some good critical feedback and suggestions to the game.

Are you interested?

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justinvh Sep 20 2010, 12:09pm says:

Hey man, just wanted to say best of luck to you. I am honored to inspire you. Keep it up.

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justinvh Sep 8 2010, 5:05pm replied:

Heh, not yet. I don't expect much anymore honestly. I do have a Window's build put together. It'll be in the next news release.

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justinvh Aug 27 2010, 12:11pm replied:

Yep. There will be mod support. Yes, the source code has been released as well.

Yeah, I'll open up my profile soon-enough.

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justinvh Aug 27 2010, 12:06pm replied:

Yeah, they'll probably be really technical at times. Apologies in advance. But there will be non-technical goodness in it as well.

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justinvh Aug 27 2010, 12:02pm replied:

That's my thought as well. A few maps, some basic kit setups; primary, secondary, extra mags, etc. Let the community do the rest.

University life started again, so I am doing a lot more thinking and will do programming and work on the weekend.

I am working on the physics-aspects of the game at the moment. The source code is freely available as stated in the news -- as is the content. Building it is a bit of a pain in the ***, but I think next-news I will have some windows-build prebuilt for playing pleasure.

Networking is working fine. Modding will be supported. I'd like to map either Chalet Fall or CSL when I get some time.

As for the Desert Eagle... Yeah. I won't take anything out that is added in because the server can determine what weapons can be used, ammo, etc. You get the picture.

Don't like center-view? Host a server without it. Hate the DE, host a server without it.

That's my way of keeping everyone happy.

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justinvh Aug 27 2010, 11:55am says:

Here, you guys do me a favor. Keep helping grow the community. Follow Rogue Reborn on Twitter if you want some quicker updates -- Like patches, code updates, ideas, etc. Tell people about it. You're seriously doing me a favor and it will help me out a lot.

Follow here:

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justinvh Aug 26 2010, 10:45am replied:

That's not possible. I've spent too much damn time working on the engine to just make it a mod for some other game. Besides, RR is stand-alone.

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justinvh Aug 8 2010, 3:22pm replied:

With limitations though. If you're on a 64-bit system > Windows XP then you can't play it. Running it with vmware has its issues, but it does work. Windows 7/Vista don't seem to really run it.

Then you need your rommel fixes, mouse shake fixes, and all that other mess :) Sometimes takes the fun out of it.

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justinvh Aug 8 2010, 12:34pm replied:

That is actually a very good comment. I'll take that into consideration for sure.

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justinvh Aug 7 2010, 7:48pm replied:

Heh, apologies for the loud sounds. Assume it adds to some sense of realism.

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justinvh Aug 7 2010, 3:06pm replied:

There was a lot more of a demand than I really ever would have anticipated. I was honestly shocked :)

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justinvh Jul 13 2010, 3:24am says:

I appreciate the comments guys. Just consider it a sabbatical to learn some new stuff. I'll probably just secretly work on the project little by little. Who knows. Look at once in a while.

Thanks again.

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justinvh Jul 8 2010, 11:42am replied:

We have already implemented CV, third-person, the magazine/reload system, etc.

It's going to be a minimal HUD. We're more about bringing back the professional aspects of RS, rather then create a new Ghost Recon. There is no health counter system of any sort. It's a damage system, but maps like Rogue Spear.

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justinvh Jun 22 2010, 12:20pm says:

Since there is nothing dynamically moving in this scene, it's hard to express its use. This demonstrates the exact same logic that makes the Half Life 2 menus. A map is loaded in the background and a GUI is placed on top of it.

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justinvh Jun 22 2010, 11:10am replied:

Hey Alien Firefox,

Thanks for the concerns. This game is ours. The engine is a heavily modified id Tech 3. idSoftware released their id Tech 3 engine under GPL v2. We could charge any amount that we wanted on the condition that we released the source as well (any vendor distributing binaries must also make the human readable source code available under the same licensing terms) Since Rogue Reborn is already open-source, it's not really a problem. We have other plans for income at the moment.

Red Storm Entertainment still owns complete rights to Rogue Spear. It's not a free game and can still be purchased. We're not really planning for any problems there. They haven't bothered us yet, so we're not worrying.

Thanks for the concerns though.

[1] (GNU General Public License - Version 2)
[2] (id Tech 3)

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justinvh Jun 21 2010, 10:41pm replied:

Well, it's what I develop on. So, yes. It works fine with a multitude of cards. Basically anything newer than the Geforce 6600 GT and the ATI Radeon X1300 will work.

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justinvh Jun 21 2010, 9:31pm replied:

We're not in a rush. We're looking to have a beta (stressing the word beta) around July 25th. It may be later or sooner. There's a lot to be done -- Player models especially. We just don't have the necessary talent at the moment.

Hint. Hint.

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justinvh Jun 6 2010, 6:06pm replied:

So, after investigating a little more. The run speed we demo'd in the lean video was actually 1 second slower than the actual run speed in RS. I'll be releasing a little video showing speed comparisons.

But, rest assured, in the video the player's speeds are at the least 1 second slower than the actual RS speeds. Now, the walk speed -- which I never really show -- is too fast in comparison to RS, so we are tuning that. The player configurations are scripted instead of hard-coded, so it allows us to do a little more with it.

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justinvh May 30 2010, 2:15pm replied:

Adding to this. Even if we keep this feature, it will be a server-option to allow it.

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justinvh May 30 2010, 12:32am says:

Someone decided to actually start writing our news for us. You won't have to listen to technical documentation any-more.


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