My nick name is "Dr. G Man". I'm Mapper, Texture artist, a bit Modeller. I love Source Engine but I'm also open to something new. If you need something from me(like an advise or some help) contact me via e-mail or pm and we can talk. :3

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2 comments by just_call_me_G on Sep 7th, 2011

It was a long time i haven't wrote in my blog here.
My english sucks, so it's something like studying it through blog/comments/forums and etc, hope it's no so bad as i think.

I have made some textures for myself and I'm about to show them up, so...
Here they are(sorry about no preview) Gallery link -
By the way, I was working on lot of projects and my own ttt_camel_v1 (originaly made by CAT, and actually i need permission to edit his map but i can't contact him, it's sad) redesignation, here it is - (and sorry again about no preview or uploading to moddb, i'm actually don't want to upload such early wip screenshots).

I was really upset about some of my refuses to support some very promising and interesting projects but I don't want to fail great teams of developers and make them work as slow as myself and i hope it was the right choice to refuse nor accept and not justify their expectations

Now I'm really want to help Aspik with his projects, atleast with my textures (which i have showed earlier and which I'm going to make free to use for everyone and upload somethere).

What about my real life? I'm studing at MGUDT (Moscow Government University of Design and Technology), 1st year and it's pretty nice by now and I like it... hope it would be as good as in start near end of the year.

It's all for now... hope it was easy to read and as bit of interest as I have writing it.

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0 comments by just_call_me_G on Jul 12th, 2010

I was wondering of buying this awesome mod from day then it's out.
Only one thing was pushing me away from it - credit card (no G Mod 10 CDs awaileble in Russia T_T).
And now, after a long time, it's finally on my PC and I'm happy!

And yeah... not a lot for the first post in blog i thought, but it still great! :D

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