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10 Review

Mod Review on Jan 29th, 2015

Probably the best and most complete mod out at the moment for CoP. I just wish the economy was a little tougher. As it is, you can buy anything you want after only a little while.

The inclusion of the very expansive MSO mod is so nice. Can't play the game without it.

Shoker Weapon Mod
10 Review

Mod Review on Jan 24th, 2015

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Swartz Mod
8 Review

Mod Review on Apr 18th, 2012

Excellent job on this mod! My only complaint is frequent crashing in Jupiter map. Nothing a patch can't resolve though. Because the stability issues and a few glaring animation bugs I have to give it 8/10, but that's still really high in my book.

Normandy 1944: European Theater
10 Review

Mod Review on Nov 23rd, 2009

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