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0 comments by Joshu145 on Nov 6th, 2014

Some rambling on the crafting system that will be in my game SREFF.

You will have a text search for craft-able items that you have made at least once. Basic items can be made all at once.

More complex items will have to be made into individual pieces then assembled.

when far enough into the game you will learn every item is made up of certain materials. The ratio of materials will determine an items stats, quality, and any possible special effects.

When you live within a village you can create a demand for certain items by buying them more often or telling shopkeepers that you would like to purchase large quantities of something in the future.

If you were to set up a mining business you would be able to sell ores to businesses in a town. the ores sold would influence the quality of items produced and what could be produced.

Events like war will influence the prevalence of certain items within a town

A link to the blog dedicated to SREFF:

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0 comments by Joshu145 on Nov 1st, 2014


A type of AI programming that i will be developing for my game, Sreff.


all AI characters will have "things" that they will follow.
it will be a number from 0 to 100 for their loyalty of whatever they are following.

An example list of things characters could be followers of.
Other characters


They will leave a trail of influence for whatever they follow and events they have knowledge of wherever they go. This is how other AI's will learn of things
When a character knows of something there is a chance they will influence other people around them. This is how other AI's will learn of events that have happened, while not witnessing it directly.

How this could be practically used

Mood Influences
If a war is waged on another village it could be used to influence the moods of the towns involved in the war.

Follower Influences
If a character tries to harm another character. and their is an AI that is friends with both of them, they may lose some loyalty points with this AI character. As knowledge of the incident spreads, it may influence how other characters view the two who got into the fight.

Animal Behavior
If a hunter kills an animal or shoots off shots it would create an instant influence radius(The size of how far the sound would reach) an any animals inside this area would instantly take flight. their flight of panic would influence other animals they pass by into a panic as well. Not as strong as the animal that witnessed it, but possibly enough to put them into a "cautioned" state.

Say a small groups gathers together to protest. A police man attacks a protester and soon other rioters learn of this event, affecting their anger, among other mood stats. once this anger grows enough it may turn into a full scale riot.
The noise from this event would have an influence area that would spread through the town attracting attention or inspiring fear. possibly causing some characters to join in or hide in their houses out of fear.
This event could also lower people's loyalty rating to the town, the police force and any characters they are friendly with that participated in the riot.

Something could be seen on tv by a character and soon the entire town is talking about it and questioning. Affecting their mood and possible loyalty points


weighted events. so that how long the event weighs on a persons mind and how often it affects their mood

The character will know of certain events that he has witnessed or otherwise "overheard" from other characters. all things the character knows of will have a percentage based on how strongly it weighs on the characters mind. The higher the percent, the more time the character spends "talking" about it and the more it influences their mood.

Roads that are traveled more often are the first choice to test for a connection from one location to the next.

Possible "Road Influence"
Knowledge of a road would make it the first option to come up when a character wants to travel somewhere. These roads would be tested first and if no route is found then it would look for a new one.


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