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i am a very smart person who enjoys animals and computers . i am a mapper now , and i have many land maps . I enjoy soccer , mapping , math , reading , and being lazy .

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Ok since AK151 did one of these about the Drakkar, then I shall do one about the sizzlings.
-The sizzlings started out as a group of humans who crashed on the planet Sizzle 130 years ago. Since the humans were stranded, they abandoned their crashed ship and explored out to the mountains which were made of crystals. They then started to harvest the crystals with their cutting tools and technology from their ships. Over time those humans evolved into humanoids that have adapted to the harsh conditions on sizzle

-The sizzlings have a society that is based on monarchy where a king and queen rule the planet. However on sizzle everyone is treated equal except for the royal family which they are royal meaning they are treated a bit higher than everyone else.

-They are on average 2 meters tall and are kinda fat so they don't starve in the harsh winter. They are in a way like plump kaminoians but are more human. Usually they are kind srong people.

- Sizzling tech is up to date mostly thanks to the styguim crystals found naturally on the planet. They make sizzle guns, cannons, and sizzle bolter. The sizzle bolter is that super weapon thing on the sizzle cruisers though acts like that special weapon equipped on agressor destroyers used by Tyber Zahn.

Well that is about it

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Anyways I need comments, subscribers and views. I only ask of that. So help a guy out. Just hit that golden button called subscribe. My name is TheJedi2000. I put up videos weekly if possible. If you help then you will be appreciated.

-Jonathan Spann



I wasted your time

you mad?

You probably want to punch me

Good day and God bless you (yes I am Cristian so don't shoot me athiest and mussilum) no offense

Hey guys! Yesterday I was at lunch and had 2 cheeseburgers. I ate one and when I tried to eat the other one, to mexican dudes were trying to beat me up for the burger. When I finished it, they cornered me and called me thong girl. They put me on trial in the classroom. My charges were: Selling thong, drinking, and not sharing my burger (morons). So yea thats how I spent the final 20 minutes at school. Good day

Ok this is my first advance clones fleet. More clone fleets to come

5 centurion battle cruisers
10 interdictor cruisers
20 hammerhead cruisers
40 Forey blockade runners
1000 Johnyboy1 DNA based clone soldiers
40,000 sizzlings
150 tanks with the firepower of heavy tanks and the speed of speeder bikes ( almost)

Hi, as you know i am Jonathan. While browsing kotor 2 files on filefront, I found recruitment mods but in short numbers. Those files inspired me to make a recruitment mod. The only problem is that i don't know how to make one. I only know how to make voices but can't put them with dialoug. Here is where you can help

- Point to me where someone active could help with adding a character or can add dialoug
- Contact me on how to do it
- Contact me about helping me make a "Recruit Johnyboy1" mod

I hope that you could help. Please contact me if you could help in anyway

Johnyboy out

Members of the jedi order, Sith empire, Empire of the hand, and The old republic
, Have you ever longed for the old days of conflict. Back in june and july before the Vong war when we all were important in the war. Do you miss when we took turns attacking. Before we went overboard with super weapons. When we could defend our old planets and could write about a battle. When we had something to do than to sit all day and do nothing. I look back at those glorious moments when each active member of a group were equally important. When war mean't something. Now we are wasting time doing what? NOTHING. I for one wish to return to those days where we took pride in our fleets, ships, Planets, and men. Now there is no use for our ships and men since there is nothing for them to fight.

Get this message passed on for the return of the old days.

1 modified interdictor w/ super weapon "The death enforcer" 9000 meters long
1 Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser "The fallen jedi"
1 modified ARC-170
10 hammerhead cruisers
20 forey blockade runners
65 centurion battle cruisers
25 interdicter cruisers
12 inuxable cruiser
35 praetorian cruiser
3 modified Hammerhead cruiser with advance mass drivers "The avenger"
20 hapes battle dragons
10 nova cruisers
1 star destroyer

Ok pizza castle's final product was this: 1 mobile factory ship 28,000 meters long and 40,000 meters wide. Able to make up to star destroyers

Hello my name is Jonathan . I am a HUGE Star Wars nerd and i am proud of it . I live in North Carolina and love it here . I am very intelligent for my age and am a very nice guy unless you get in my bad side . Most of the time i am willing to help anyone . My thing in modding is mapping which is pretty simple . I have a little brother (Hoppyguy) . I enjoy other things which include Soccer , gaming , Playing with star wars and transformers toys , and being lazy for the summer . Overall i am a good person to be friends with . Now you know about me so stop looking at me . One more thing that i need to add . People who insult me get a insult in return .

This is from my imagination so most of this is deemed non-cannon

At the battle of Mon Calamari , the CIS forces were wiped out by the J Empire . However a few pilots flying X-wings during the battle Hyperspaced to another location . If these pilots make it to the flymark station under CIS control on the edge of the known galaxy , the X-wing could be mass produced . The J Empire hired a bounty hunter to track these pilots . With the J Empire knowing their location , they send the closest patrol nearby who is Gilad Pealleon .

On board the Leveler
"captain , we spot a space dock with the X-wings on board " said a Lieutenant . "Very good , order the ARC-170's to engage them and order the Leveler to fire on the Space dock" replied Pealleon .

In the Hangar bay on the Leveler
Pilots were running to get into their ARC-170's . One pilot said "I hope we can get some of those TIE fighters like the Star Destroyers get . Well at least we get awesome starfighters " . "fighters launch" said Pealleon . The ARC-170's flew out of the hangar .

Vulture droids flew away from the landing pad to engage the approaching enemy fighters .

Command bridge on Leveler
"sir , our ARC-170's have broke through their lines" said the Lieutenant . "Good" replied Pealleon . The leveler now closer to the spacedock began to fire .

On the space dock
"Evacuate Evacuate" the intercom spoke out . Everyone was running to get to whatever ship they were flying in . Many ships flew out of the hangar , but most were destroyed . Werlin went to his X-wing and flew off of the landing pad .

-1 hour had pass and the space dock was destroyed .


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