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Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Minecraft PSA: Don't Kill Pigs.

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Dec 27th, 2011

Steve and his friend go through the reasons not to kill a pig and the beauty of Minecraft.For the resources I used on this animation go here: Minecraftforum.net creator is very friendly, and he is willing to help people!

Report abuse GLaDOS in Minecraft!

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Sep 8th, 2011

This is my first attempt at putting GLaDOS into minecraft!
It could have gone better, but I think I got the voice down ;)

Report abuse Awesome Trailer | Minecraft | Dragon Quest

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Aug 23rd, 2011

Look at this trailer now, it's on 2000 views! :D

Report abuse Episode 8

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Aug 19th, 2011

The eighth episode in the most underground series on the internet!
In this episode, you will see:
- Joe's firefighting skills
- Kurt's torch generosity
- Luke run about with reckless abandon (as usual)
- Some successful diamond harvesting! (we promise)

Report abuse Epic Picture

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Jul 28th, 2011

Check out this awesome image made for us by this guy: Liger69.deviantart.com
Truly an awesome picture!
Made as a teaser image for our upcoming adventure series on youtube! :D
More on that later, we've got some truly awesome stuff coming to you, please watch this account for updates when we make progress or being out a new video it means alot to us!


Report abuse Trailer Time

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Jul 21st, 2011

So this is a trailer we whipped up real quick to show people that we're working on something big :)
Or atleast bigger than our average slew of normal minecraft videos :)
Not bad for the time that was put in, may create another or updated version of this one after come time!

I suppose this is the part where I talk about how nobody reads this, but I don't really mind that much :P
I guess even if one person did, it would still be cool

Report abuse Minecraft Underground Survival - Part 3 - Luke's Strong Suit

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Jul 20th, 2011

With the home really coming into shape, things start to take a turn for the worse when Luke discovers his new found talent...

I still doubt anyone even sees this... OH WELL! You win some and you lose some and this video is mainly filled with lose... *SPOILERS*

Report abuse New Minecraft Video Out

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Jul 9th, 2011

We decided to start up the underground series again, this time where we all have microphones to record with!

Enjoy, as if anyone actually reads this or watches it ¬_¬

Report abuse Obligatory Video Post

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Jul 1st, 2011

Another one of our videos is up, and now I have to fill in so many characters for this to be classed as a blog post.

So, yibber yabber jibber jabber hunky dory wotsits. I'm just fleshing out the post if you haven't realised, sorry for the unimaginative approach but it's extremely late and I just want to head to bed right now to be honest...

Report abuse Episode two is out!

0 comments by MobsInBlack on Jun 28th, 2011

We may end up failiing miserably, but we really enjoyed playing through this :)
Top quality map and the link to download was in my previous blog post!
If you liked the video then feel free to a leave a like and if you think you would like to see more then press that big ol' yellow subscribe button at the top there because we would greatly appreciate it :)