I'm Artsy, Lead Mapper and Co-owner/Co-founder of Momentum Productions.

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So... I hate stupid people. Yesterday, I was talking to this guy who was just INSISTING that I call him by his last name, even though his first name was clearly easier to pronounce, and then, he kept trying to tell me that you cant fit a tennis ball back in the tubes that they come in... Who the hell is stupid enough to believe that? Well, besides him of course.

As of tomorrow at 12 PM, Central standard time, I will be leaving for New Jersey for 2 weeks (I know! No ridiculously short and to the point comments for 2 whole weeks! Epic, right?), but after I get back on the 6th of August, Location Zero's development team will be getting back to work, and will also be recording a podcast for all of you. And get ready, too, it will be pretty long, as we have a LOT to cover.

A few Location Zero updates

If anyone reading this doesn't know what Location Zero is, look up the mod under my mods or under Half-LifeĀ² mods, and be sure to track us! Speaking of tracking, I feel like tracking has been useless as of late because not many mods have been releasing content! Mod teams, you have GOT to release content or you might will lose your trackers. Location Zero has already lost some by not realizing this, and I know of several other mods presumed dead that lost almost all of their trackers.

Well, I've got to get packed and head to work. Have fun over the next two weeks everyone, because when I get back, things are going to change in the LZ development: We're going to be working harder and faster and better than ever, and might be moving everything to something, but I don't have permissions to talk about that yet. But know that it'll all become more clear as we push forward in the development. Keep tracking, and apply for modelers, WE NEED MODELERS. That's all for this blog guys. If you message me while I'm gone and I don't message you back, it's probably not because you didn't get the job, I just won't have a computer.


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Thanks for watching Location Zero. We will have updates released within the coming weeks. Stay Posted!

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