Basically I've been designing games my whole life and will continue to do so until the day I die. It would be super-keen if I could actually get paid moneys for that, and I hear some people do, so that's my life dream. I've failed miserably at art, programming, and modeling (incl. level creation), repeatedly, and am pretty sure I will never be very good at any of them. This makes my dream pretty effing hard to pursue. Right now I'm hedging my bets between building a CV of basically nothing (since most mod teams can't wrap their heads around a designer not in a team lead role), and wishing every night for the magic job faerie to sprinkle credibility dust on me as I sleep. OK, I can script really well. And I've snagged a position in Modular Combat. But "game design" is very difficult to demonstrate in a portfolio, especially since most of my work is in mods of copyrighted games. Well, I'm not giving up, so here's hoping.

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JJ10DMAN Mar 30 2011 replied:

Argh what I mean to say is, nothing got done ON THAT ISSUE. Winston put in some good hours on things you guys haven't seen yet. ;)

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JJ10DMAN Mar 30 2011 says:

I guess I'm not invited back. :\ I genuinely wish the best of luck to you, but since those were our original mandates when I joined eight months ago, I'm pessimistic. Here's hoping last year was a fluke and you guys prove me wrong. ;) Still a fan!

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JJ10DMAN Mar 30 2011 replied:

What happened was, we took out the regens to get a baseline reading so we could make an intelligent decision about how to get them back in a more interesting way - one that required some small but real consideration on the part of the user and the opponent. Then the team fell apart and nothing really got done at all for months, and I think players got the impression it was supposed to be that way - it wasn't. Sorry. :(

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