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jesusethan Dec 27 2012 says:

i looked through the description and couldn't find anything, is there certain graphic levels that are preferred for this mod like other mods to prevent mini-dump errors and the such? other than that I've enjoyed it so far and can't wait to see what looks to be an amazing finished product

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jesusethan May 9 2012 replied:

OH DERP!!!!!! it says R7 Standard on Desura..... well i'll just download old school style, i love the soundtrack thus far though nice job!

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jesusethan May 8 2012 says:

Hey there, its been a while since I've been active here and Desura is new to me, i'm pretty sure i downloaded the expansion version, but it just seems to me like its the standard one (no titans/dreadnoughts, asteroids, etc.) any idea what I'm doing wrong?

+1 vote   download: Maelstrom Expansion v1.34 R8 (Diplomacy SoaSE)
jesusethan Jul 10 2011 says:

just downloaded r4 expansion, and am loving it! awesome job, the addition of even more spectacular planets was great!
question though, are your dreadnoughts the inspiration behind what are being called Titans in SoaSE: rebellion?

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jesusethan Feb 21 2011 says:

any idea about when the update will come?


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jesusethan Feb 13 2011 says:

Could you post pictures of what all the races look like on the player setup screen?


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jesusethan Feb 7 2011 says:

This is probably the greatest mod i have ever played!
i have some questions

1) Does game difficulty(easy, medium, hard, etc) dictate the number of pirate capital ships in a raid because i haven'e ever seen as many as what some have reported?
2)near the end of games i play on random large, i've got 9 dreadnoughts which seems a tad bit ridiculous, is there a way you could up the power on dreadnoughts some more but limit them to like.... 2 or so at a time? that would make capital ships carry more weight which seems realistic.
3)By the time i get a dreadnought up to level 6 or 7 when i go to put the cursor over the picture of the dreadnought to see the hull, shields, exp etc., all i see is the strike craft is there a way to get rid of that?

Thanks, and if it helps i play the diplomacy expansion

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jesusethan Jan 16 2011 says:

just started playing.... o wait i've been playing for 10 straight hours ;). I'm labeling this the greatest mod i've ever played!

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jesusethan Dec 21 2010 says:

This kicks so much *** it's kind of ridiculous!

+1 vote   download: SGI ALPHA 2.3
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