I play Guitar, want to start modding and make myself known about it too, got any ideas? send me a comment and we will start something up, I specialize in storylines and situations but not very experienced at mapping and modelling but I have ideas for units and and buildings for C&C Generals:Zero Hour so yeah give me a shout if you wanna start something up.

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C&C: ShockWave

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I know it is a little late to rate this mod as others have already done so, first off what this actually is, is a mod that is not a TC which is good because it does not kill off the original gameplay of ZH which is also pretty cool.

The units are great and really fun to mess about with (my personal favorite is the Devastator tank)and it really changes your view on selecting a certain general before either going into the general's challenge or a skirmish, even the 'vanilla' factions have had changes too which makes even a skirmish with them more interesting.

Overall this mod is the best I have played so far and anything made by SWR is definitely worth checking out too such as Rise Of The Reds which is also a great mod.

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