I'm Cass. I go by Jaycemonde or Vatz as well (in fact, that's my whole name right there--CJV). I'm just your average neurotic artist furfag with a gun obsession. I signed on with ModDB a year or so ago in order to follow the Ballistic Weapons modpage and offer (mostly ignored) suggestions and feedback, and I also found S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Complete here as well--both mods are amazing works of art by anybody's standards. Anybody who's not a retard, anyway. I'm pretty friendly as long as you're friendly right back, so don't be afraid to say hi. I don't log on very often, though. Another thing I should mention. I tend to make myself look like an ass on public forums. If it's been about a month since I said something, just look at the keywords (such as pink camouflage) and ignore all the emotes and potentially rude words. (Fair warning: My Tumblr/homepage is slightly NSFW. Don't complain if you can't handle the way bodies look without clothes.)

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0 comments by Jaycemonde on May 11th, 2013

I'm working on a Steam guide for Ballistic Weapons. Anyone who's mildly interested should go check it out on my page.

Or you could click this link, which brings you directly to it.

It's not exactly done yet, but I'm hoping to include blueprintified pictures of all the guns, and maybe some grungy-as-sheit arts as well. Just for atmosphere and whatnot.

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