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In The Cosmos(Far Away)

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In The Cosmos(Far Away)

somewhere out there in the cosmos life emerges
molded by evolution for billions and billions of years
eventually maturing into the modern day image
in time conceive great wonders with their strength and imagination
they explore and learn much about their small world
till one day they travel beyond the familiar sky
for that chance to touch the stars
and some make a new home on other worlds far away
beginning new endeavors of exploration and knowledge
a great unified enthusiasm propels this infant species forward
they carry with them an indomitable belief of a glorious future
gifted with an infinite and intangible curiosity
the nature of their enlightenment may be their own destruction
remote conflicts of ideology and politics spark an inferno
and aggression cascades across space
these benevolent beings had never before seen interstellar war
centuries of technological pursuit gambled upon savage conquest
and a small world is laid to waste
gripped in supreme fear they forfeit their weapons
and shy away from the candle of science they hold
returning to the dark void of tepidity and superstition
and although the propagation of future conflict is inevitable
they hope that war of such great magnitude did set an example
to all who live
so that there never be such a war again

life is but a blink of the cosmic eye

to be continued...

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