Retired US Coast Guard Chief Electronic Technician (21 Years). System: Water cooled H60 i7-6700K @4.75Ghz, 32GB of XMP 3200 DDR4, Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP Extreme GPU in AZZA CSAZ-XT1 B RT case, Primary SSD Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVMe 512GB, secondary SSD 256GB Samsung 850 PRO, Tertiary Hybrid 500GB, 16GB AMD RAM Drive (Steam & game files installed on RAM Drive), ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard. Windows 10 Professional X64, BenQ GW2750HM 27.5" Monitor running at 1920 by 1080. Powered by Sentey 1000W PSU. PCMark8 score 5902, Windows Experience Index 7.9 across the board. I have been repairing and/or building computers from the earliest 8 and 12 bit PDP-8's (if you think your first computer was a dog, google the PDP-8) and am familiar with every operating system since MSDOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1 on the Microsoft side except Millenium, Vista, and 8 which I happily avoided. I never got the hang of Linux, but have years of experience with BTOS and later CTOS operating systems.

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You built yourself a better rig and sprung for 16 or 32GB of fast DDR3 to "future proof" a bit or just because you could :D Even if you moved up to an SSD large enough to house all your OS and program files you can achieve performance in excess of double the speed you get on SSD's by utilizing all that excess DDR3 to it's fullest. Detailed instructional videos on setting up a RamDrive can be viewed here: . I don't specifically endorse AMD's ram drive, I simply noticed ads for it when installing a new GPU several generations of white box builds ago and was intrigued. I found theirs to be very easy to set up and use. I keep all Steam files and COP + Mod + Save game files on my Ram Drive image. With maxed out settings my initial load time is about 55 seconds and reloads about 5-6 seconds. Total Ram drive size required is just under 11GB, so if you have 16GB of DDR3 you can easily get away with a 12GB or 12288MB drive. The videos explain in detail, but for simplicities sake I will summarize: You create a ram drive of 12288MB or larger, use windows disk management to view your new partition and format it; NTFS is fine. Now you can access it to install games files etc. via windows explorer. You save the disc image onto either your SSD or traditional hard drive. This takes a couple minutes. I check off the box to load my image when windows loads. You can now install whatever you want on your ram drive. Prepare to be stunned at how fast things run and load. I save my image whenever I will be away from my computer for a couple minutes. I back the image up regularly just like any other files I value. I do not have the image save automatically when windows closes because it takes longer to shut down. If you do not have an adequate UPS to keep your system either up fully long enough to save your ram disk or in suspend long enough to outlast any power outage do not use a ram drive. Besides the blazing speed in games, using ram reduces wear/leveling loads on your expensive SSD and will keep it running at peak performance longer.

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 Oct 21 2015 says:

Don't want the available ammo count to be on your display? Try this: Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stalker Call of Pripyat\gamedata\configs\ui\maingame_16.xml with notepad++ and add a leading 5 to the X and Y components starting at line 201. Then it will look like this leaving only your ammo type and firing mode visible.

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 Sep 25 2015 says:

Here are the best Quick Hard Save methods I know of to keep you from corrupting your saves using the vanilla quick save method.

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 Aug 27 2015 says:

Try adjusting your Core Affinity and Priority to improve performance

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 Aug 13 2015 says:

Optimizing Video Performance and Video setup: I have consolidated and updated most of my previous hardware setup advice here to keep from leaving bits out as I rephrase it for individuals. I am happy to help anyone overcome their unique situation whenever my generic advice doesn't seem to help.

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timebomb17 Jul 29 2015 says:

has the possibility to leave a translation into Portuguese?

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 Jun 10 2015 says:

I verified extreme performance gains on a simple A6-3430MX APU laptop with only 6GB of shared DDR & a max Turbo speed of 2.4GHZ. Using the tweaked game_relations file I was able to go from 28-30 FPS with acceptable stutter at 200 switch_distance and low Video Presets/static lighting to decent performance on DX11 with Maximum quality presets and Very good performance with virtually no stutter on same presets with static lighting while at default 300 switch_distance. That's at least 100 meters further on much better video quality and near zero stutter.

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 Jun 5 2015 says:

I'm looking for a few players to try out a version of game_relations that reduces the number of mutant species that interact with each other. There will be more mutants left over to chase you, but not as much CPU/GPU power being spent on them running in circles. I think you will find it much less burdensome on your mid to lower end rigs and considerably less stutter/lag even at higher video settings. Give it a shot and shoot me some feedback ... Just copy it into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stalker Call of Pripyat\gamedata\configs\creatures directory and overwrite (make a backup first of original file I case you hate it).

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 May 13 2015 says:


Should you expect to run this mod well? Here is the dirt:

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 May 13 2015 says:

Here is a quick tutorial on enabling and using the debug spawner as well as the spawn names for a couple of the most commonly needed spawns. This is a pdf, your need Adobe Reader to open it. I will add to this document as I identify other NPC's or Objects and you are welcome to suggest some additions.

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jasper34 Creator
jasper34 May 4 2015 says:

This mod is a masterpiece. Smarter enemies, tougher mutants, better equipment and choices choices choices. You can no longer just blast away at every obstacle. To survive you have to make critical choices and adapt or be overcome. The mod is ever mutating into something greater with every tweak. This isn't for the faint of heart and those unable or unwilling to adjust their playing style will quickly become worm food. There is a foreboding radioactive cloud on the horizon promising even greater hardship; do you have the tools to rise to the challenge of 2.2?

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