Hey what's up everybody, I'm a fan of star wars, raw and pretty Mutch any mod that comes close to raw. I'm new to modding, having never done it myself, and really appreciate the work of anyone who is more formiliar with modding. As you can see I'm American. Oh, and one more thing often my posts sound good in my mind but don't quite transfer into words right. One thing I'd like to add is I'm a avid littlebigplanet creator, although I've only published one level due to my slow internet connection, but if you'd like to add me as a friend on psn just look up irontator, and please try my lbp level, you should be pleasantly surprised.

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Republic at War

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the Mod is really great I'm only giving it a ten because this isn't the whole mod and I'm sure by the time it's finished, a ten will be an understatement! anyways it is fun, if a bit unbalanced, and definitely worth the download.

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